Mechanic Pig

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"Dead end for you, babe."
Don't fear my skull hat; underneath my exterior is a gentle soul.
Necromancer Pig's description, Angry Birds Stella Website [1]
Necromancer Pig
Abilities Brings back popped pigs as Zombie Pigs
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Bonus Levels on the map; random
Strength Strong
Size Medium

    Necromancer Pigs (known in social media as Necro Pigs) are special bonus pigs in Angry Birds Stella.


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  • The Necromancer Pigs are also appears in Angry Birds Epic but different appearence.
  • Necromancer Pig's hat looks like a viking's hat due to it's horns. Although the hat doesn't look like a viking hat at all.
    • Also, Viking hats are not horned. They looked like that for an opera made by Richard Wagner, a famous classical composer. There is also no evidence of Horned viking hats in archeology.