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Not Without My Helmet is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

Toons.TV Description

Some of us wear many hats every day. For Corporal Pig, it's just the one. Hog of war. Destroyer of birds. But what's left when you strip away his defining accessory?


Corporal and three Minion Pigs run away with eggs from Bomb and Jake, Jim and Jay. Bomb then explodes which causes Corporal's helmet to fall off from his head. Corporal's minion pigs started to laugh because of the missing helmet on Corporal.

Corporal goes back to King Pig's Castle in Pig City, where King Pig is feasting on the food. When he and his guards see Corporal without his helmet, they start to laugh and kick him out of the castle. Corporal's minion pigs come up to him and laugh as Corporal still hasn't got his helmet back.

It was raining in the next shot, Corporal meets up at his house, all the pigs are having a party inside. A pig comes to the front of the door with a cake, however just when he spots Corporal, he slams the door shut. Corporal goes to a spot where there is a pile of junk, drinks the chocolate inside a can and puts his face on the bowl, disappointed. Then a reflection of himself (with a helmet) tells him to beat the birds for his helmet back, the real Corporal does this and beats the gate open, squishing two Minion Pigs who were sleeping beside it.

Meanwhile with the Blues are playing with the helmet, Corporal storms to them and charges. Corporal manages to jump over and blow the Blues into a nearby bush. Corporal picks his helmet with victory, puts the eggs back in their spot, puts it back on his head and leaves. Red, Matilda and Bomb comes up to the Blues where they were confused what happened.

Corporal gets back to his job and orders some minion pigs to jump through tire to tire. He then laughs as the credits roll.




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