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Old Nesting Barrows - 4

Zone Old Nesting Barrows
Type Normal Battle
Enemies Sword Spirit x1
Main Prize ABEpicTreasure (Transparent) x1
Seashell :3 after you got the treasure
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Old Nesting Barrows - 3 Old Nesting Barrows - 5

Old Nesting Barrows - 4 is the fourth level in Old Nesting Barrows of Angry Birds Epic. You've nearly made it to the Mighty Sword, but now you must face the Sword Spirit, its rightful guardian. He wouldn't want to go any other way except in a one on one duel to the death! But if you died, you just need to try again!


The birds finally got the Mighty Sword! So they go back to Mighty Eagle's Dojo and tell him that they've got the sword. Mighty Eagle then speaks to his gong speaker and tell Red to put the sword down. Red cries because he has to say goodbye with this powerful sword but then, he just puts the sword on the ground. The sword suddenly disappears! Red surprised as they unlock the Mighty Eagle's Dojo.


8. Insanely hard

  • The level will be easier if you choose the correct birds.
  • You can get 3 stars If you use Matilda with the Druid hat. But sometimes, with the other classes, you will not get 3 stars even if your health is completely full.
  • You can only choose one bird in this level.

See Difficulty System for more informations.


Sword Spirit

Sword Spirit

Sword Spirit appears on Old Nesting Barrows-4. He is Red with the avenger class equipped with Dragontooth and Dragonscale. However, he has the same attacks as Knight, except that his defense is for 3 turns. He guards the Mighty's Sword. Defeat him to unlock Mighty Eagle's Dojo. To defeat the sword spirit, the best birds recommended are Red , Matilda and The Blues . The Blues as Rogues is a good combination as after effects of the sticky goo and the cupcake trap work well to defeat the sword spirit

You can only use ONE bird for this battle.


Angry Bird

Charge 3 turns. Deals 405 damage.



Taken damage is reduced by 55%. Lasts 3 turns.


Duel of Honor

Potions are not allowed!


Choose Matilda in Druid. Attack with her. Repeat this over until the Sword Spirit attacks for the first time. Then heal with her, until you are completely healed, or very close. Repeat this over until you win.


Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 4 Walkthrough01:58

Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 4 Walkthrough


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