Party Ahoy is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the fifty-fifth overall.

Toons.TV Description

A massive pig party is raging on a remote island, but King Pig has been left behind! Luckily, Foreman Pig is there to help! Well, maybe luck isn't the right word...


King Pig is getting ready for a party on a distant island, but to his dismay, the Minion Pigs have taken all the boats there. In the distance, the party has already started, so Foreman Pig offers to build another boat. After hours of careful planning, Foreman Pig creates a barrel cut in half to act as a boat. King Pig jumps on the hastily-made boat, but it capsizes when he starts to row. Starting again, he invents a sailboat which does get the job done, but King Pig drives it the wrong way and crashes. It's getting late and the party is at full swing, King Pig starts to give up hope, but Foreman Pig now comes out with an ocean cruiser. All King Pig has to do now is to hit it with a bottle. When he does, the ship breaks apart completely. Now furious and determined to get to the party, King Pig decides to swim the distance with a life ring, when its midnight he starts to get tired, after one long night, he finally washes up on a beach, now hearing music, he runs up from the beach, only to find out he's on the wrong island. Chronicler Pig and Professor Pig are having a tea party; King Pig realizes that the real island is just near, but a volcano erupts on the party island. King Pig joins the duo on their tea party, with the party island now melting.

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  • This time, the minion pigs were implied to be killed.
  • The remote island in the episode may be the Volcano Island from Angry Birds Epic.
  • This was #11 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.


  • King Pig's bottom tooth changes place during the time that the King asking the Foreman Pig who is fishing how to get to the island. However, the tooth return to its original position later. (See gallery)
  • When King Pig is asking Foreman Pig, Foreman Pig is still holding the fishing rod but after he looks at the pigs at the remote island, the fishing rod is gone. (See gallery)


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