ABMovie Photog
Photog with his camera.
Abilities Able to take pictures with his camera.
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations The Angry Birds Movie
Strength Weak
Size Small

    Photog is a small pig with a camera from The Angry Birds Movie.



He is a usual minion pig with a camera.


Not much is known about Photog, but he's shown to be cheerful, sly, and flirty, as he is shown flirting with Stella. He has an obsession of taking pictures.



  • His name is a pun on ''Photo'' and ''Hog''.
  • Photog appears fatter than other small Minion Pigs in the movie.
  • Photog said ''Instaham'' in the movie. It's a pun on famous photo website ''Instagram'' and the word ''Ham''.
  • Photog's camera's lens has a pig's snout on it.

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