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Pig Bang M1-14 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Pig Bang banner
Level Number 14
Birds Sequence Firebomb Bird Firebomb Bird Firebomb Bird
No. of Pigs Teamster: x4 Porko: x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 82,000 points
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Pig Bang M1-13 Pig Bang M1-15

Pig Bang M1-14 is the fourteenth level in Pig Bang Mirror Worlds Version and Angry Birds Space. You must get 3 stars in the normal version to unlock this version.


It's even easier to get 3 stars in this level than the normal version. You don't need to use all 3 birds to get 3 stars.


Shoot the first Firebomb Bird to the space between the wooden diamond (which is closest to the slingshot) and the ice diamond below the wooden one. Explode the Firebomb Bird when he has entered that space. This will explode the wooden diamond to Hekto Porko and the pig above him and the pig which is in front of the wooden diamond will be popped as well by the hit of the Firebomb Bird along the way. Next, Fire the second bird to the diamond which is close to the pig which was below Hekto Porko. This should give you a destruction bonus which is higher than 15k points and also pop the pig which was below Hekto Porko. Indentify the two stone diamonds which has the most blocks in the chain of the three stone diamonds which are at the far-left. Catapult the last bird between those two diamonds and explode automatically. Trying this way should give you more than 100k points.


Angry Birds Space Pig Bang Level M1-14 Mirror World Walkthrough 3 Star

Angry Birds Space Pig Bang Level M1-14 Mirror World Walkthrough 3 Star

A score of 112,010.

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