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Pig Bang 1-2 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Pig Bang banner
Level Number 2
Max quantity of Sardines SardinesSardinesSardines
No.of Pigs Teamster: x4
Difficulty Very easy
Previous Next
Pig Bang 1-1 Pig Bang 1-3

Here is the strategy for 100% total destruction with Space Eagle for Pig Bang 1-2 (Angry Birds Space). Note: You must have least one sardine can to play this mode.


It's very easy to 100% total destruction.


Send the Sardine can under the planet, bouncing it off the stone pillars. Allowing the can to bounce backwards a little will destroy more of the shrubbery on the surface of the planet.


Angry Birds Space Pig Bang 1-2 Space Eagle Walkthrough00:40

Angry Birds Space Pig Bang 1-2 Space Eagle Walkthrough

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