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Pig Bosses are normally the Pigs who fought at the end of each theme. There are no pig bosses in Mighty Hoax. Pig Bosses can also be seen VIA the achievements.


Billy the pig defeated

Order They're In and What Level

1. Herr Helmet-1-21

2.Mr. Moustache- 2-21

3.Defeat of the King- 3-21

4. The Imposter- 4-21

5. The Mysterious Escape- 5-21

6.Hovering Helmet- 6-15

7.Mounting Moustache- 7-15

8.Green Baron- 8-15

9. Hardhat Hidalgo-9-15

10.Mason Moustache-10-15

11.Royal Ringleader- 11-15

12. Billy the Pig- 12-15

13.Clint Eastbacon-13-15

14.Wild Pork Hickhok- 14-15

15.Cave Explorer-15-15

16.Cave Conqueror-16-15

17.King of Caves-17-15

18.Sour Foreman-18-15

19.Sweet King-19-15

20.Bad 'Stache Swine-20-15

21.Mechanic Pig-21-15

22.Tech Emperor-22-15

23.Minion Pig with sunglasses and mortarboard-23-15

24.Foreman Pig-24-15 

Angry Birds Space

1.King Pig (Tank) (Pig Bang)

2.King Pig (UFO) (Cold Cuts)

3.Foreman Pig (Fry me to the Moon)

3.Fat Pig (Utopia)

4.Curiosity Rover Pigs (Red Planet)

5.King Pig (Submarine) (Pig Dipper)

6.Alien Pig (Cosmic Crystals)

7. Pig UFO Wave and King Pig (UFO) (Beak Impact Part 1)

8. King Pig (UFO) in Station (Beak Impact Part 2)

9.Corporal Pig (Space shuttle) (Danger zone)

Angry Birds Star Wars

Lard Vader (Mid Boss at Death Star)

TIE Fighter Lard Vader

Fat Mynock Pig

Lard Vader (MidBoss of Cloud City, 2th battle)

Lard Vader with Lightsaber (3th battle)

Shield Bunker

Lard Vader (4th battle)


Angry Birds Star Wars II

Bird Side

  1. Prope Droid Tank
  2. Sebulba
  3. Nute Gunray

Pork Side

  1. Qui-Gon Jinn (1st battle)
  2. Qui-Gon Jinn (2nd battle) and Obi-Wan Kaboomi (1st battle)
  3. Obi-Wan Kaboomi (2nd battle)

Boss Achievements

  • Angry Birds Classic
  1. Poached Eggs:

Herr Helmet-Mr. Mustache -Defeat of the King

  1. Mighty Hoax:

-The Imposter-The Mysterious Escape

  1. Danger Above:

-Hovering Helmet -Mounting Mustache-Green Baron

  1. The Big Setup

-Hardhat Hidalgo -Mason Mustache-Royal Ringleader

  1. Ham 'Em High

-Billy the Pig-Clint Eastbacon-Wild Pork Hickok

  1. Mine and Dine

-Cave Explorer-Cave Conqueror-King of the Caves

  1.  Birdday Party

-Sour Foreman-Sweet King

  1.  Bad Piggies

-Bad 'Stache Swine-Mechanic Pig-Tech Emperor

  1.  Red's Mighty Feathers

-Minion Pig with sunglasses and mortarboard-Foreman Pig

  • Angry Birds Seasons
  1. Trick or Treat

-Pork O'Lantern -Ominous Oinker-Haunted Ham

  • Angry Birds Space

1.Pig Bang-Vegetables of Vengeance

2.Cold Cuts-Handy Man

4.Utopia-The Big Burp

5.Red Planet-Curiosity Killed the Pig

6.Pig Dipper-Sub King

7.Cosmic Crystals - Shattering Dreams


Angry Birds Space Episode 7, Plus an Unknown Rio Update Coming Soon

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