Pig City is where the Bad Piggies live. It is seen in Angry Birds Toons. It is quite far from the Cobalt Plateaus, The home of the Birds.

The nature of the place has changed over time. Early episodes such as Where's My Crown? depicted the city as a shantytown-like mudhole dotted with wooden towers surrounding a central palace, while later episodes such as Sneezy Does It show it as a much less squalid town.



Pig City

Early depiction of Pig City.

The earlier episodes showed the Pig City as being a crude, squalid place. 

The Minion Pigs there all live in hollow big towers, meaning the pigs have to be in a big pile.

There is a cork that covers a hole that when left open, dispenses out all the pigs in a big stream. The only bulidings that looks diferent from the others are King Pig's Castle and Chef Pig's Hut.

The place is a muddy place. It's probably because it's based on the fact that real pigs roll around in muddy areas, And bath in mud.


Starting in the episode Trojan Egg, the Pig City has undergone a dramatic overhaul. The old, hollow residence towers have been swapped out for multi-story, thatched-roof townhouses. Resembling a stereotypical Medieval town more than anything else, the Pig Fortress now appears larger, better constructed, and grander, The Castle redesign is only shown first in Off Duty when he tried to get the eggs.

Notable Residents

Notable areas

King Pig's Castle

Off Duty Pig Tower

King Pig's Castle is in the distance.

King Pig's Castle is the central location of the Pig City, where King Pig lives.

From the episode Off Duty, we can notice the tower's appearance slightly changed from the original one. In Trojan Egg, the whole town has also changed.

It is also the 5th castle in Angry Birds Epic.

Pig City Harbor

There are two ways to go to the Pig City. First, you go straight to the King Pig's Castle through the King Pig's Castle's gate, it is the fastest way to go and it's also the easiest way to be noticed by the pigs because there are two Guard Pigs at the gate. Second, if you go by ship, you can go to the harbor. This harbor appeared in Party Ahoy and Angry Birds Epic. The Pig City Harbor is used to help pigs getting the ship to go through the Eastern Sea. It is more difficult for the pigs to be noticed if the birds go this way because there are no pigs guard here. The harbor is also seen in Angry Birds Epic, Where you fight pirates.

Crash Test Lair


The Corporal Pig along with the other pigs in the lair

Appearing only in Crash Test Piggies, the Crash Test Lair was used by Corporal Pig to make a crash test with several pigs.

By the looks of the background, the lair is set right next to Pig City.

Control Room


A place built in an unknown location. It was used as mission control for the pig rockets in the episode Crash Test Piggies.

Public Pool

This pool is where every pig can swim. As seen in Piggies in the Deep, this is also where the two shark fin pigs scare the others and where Corporal pig trains other pigs about swimming lessons.

Theme Park

Although not shown in AB Toons, Track 2 in the Angry Birds GO! episode Sub Zero shows that a theme park presumably built by King Pig and is either in Pig City or another location resides on the island as the racers race through there. It could also be in Canyon Land, Winter Wonderland, or even in Snowy Peak.



  • The city may be the only urban area in Piggy Island, So it's most likely that there's no more urban areas more than Pig City.
  • King Pig's old castle had a face in it.