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Epic Pig Fortress explosion by Bomb. Angry Birds Free HD Mighty Hoax Level 2-5.

A Pig fortress is what the Bad Piggies build to protect themselves against and slow down the Birds from retaking their eggs. Pig Fortresses can be in any terrain: Mines, Jungles, Clouds, Normal Terrain, Construction sites, Desert, etc. Most of them are buildings, but some are seen to be methods of transport, for example, a tank-shaped structure in one level and wooden cars in a Golden Egg level. They mainly include materials such as ice, stone, and wood. They eventually get stronger in the later levels.


  1. Plains (Worlds 1 and 4)

    A basic Pig Fortress made of wood and ice.

  2. Deserts (World 3 and 5)
  3. Bamboo Gardens (World 2)
  4. Jungle (World 6)
  5. City (Worlds 7 and 11)
  6. Clouds (World 8)
  7. Construction (Worlds 9-11 [based on themes from worlds 1-7])
  8. Western (Worlds 12-14)
  9. Cave (Worlds 15-17)
  10. Birthday (World 18-19)
  11. Bad Piggies Theme 1: Ground Hog Day (World 20)
  12. Bad Piggies Theme 3: When Pigs Fly (Worlds 21 and 22)
  13. Beach (Surf And Turf Levels 1 to 15)
  14. River (Surf and Turf Levels 16 to 30)
  15. Stormy Mountainside (Surf and Turf Levels 31 to 45)

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