Pig Plot Potion is the thirty-first episode of Angry Birds Toons

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Chef Pig turns Red into a pig thanks to an evil potion. And it works so well that Red himself starts bringing the eggs straight to King Pig! Will he realize what he's doing before it’s too late?


At the lab, Chef Pig makes a green potion which when sprayed on transforms creatures into pigs. He sees a snail and sprays it with the potion. It works and the snail becomes a piggy snail.

Red protects The Eggs from getting into the hands of the pigs when he sees Chef Pig in the bushes but gets sprayed with the potion. He becomes a pig and he also acts like a minion pig. He gives the eggs to Chef Pig and goes to King Pig's palace to celebrate.

At Pig City, in the King's palace, the Minion Pigs sounded the trumpet when Chef Pig and piggy Red came to the King Pig's Palace. Some minion pigs prepare him a knife, fork, and napkin, and then Red and Chef Pig go to the kitchen to make the King Pig dinner.

In the King Pig's kitchen, Chef Pig prepares the ingredients to cook an egg soup. He chops and slices some vegetables one by one using a chopping knife together with piggy Red. They exchange the ingredients to be chopped comfortably. Piggy Red lights the firewood on fire and prepares the soup bowl. They put all ingredients in it, mix very well and taste the soup. It is delicious and has a good taste. But suddenly, when the piggy snail crawls into the kitchen, the potion wears off and it turns back into its original form. Before Piggy Red puts the eggs in the soup, Chef Pig forgets to get an egg beater, but when he sees piggy Red again, the potion has started wearing off.

Chef Pig tries to spray him again, but the beaker is empty, so he quickly makes a new, but yellow potion. When he is done making it, he sees a normal Red and attempts to spray him, but Red blows the spray away before it reaches him, so the Chef Pig is affected. Red escapes the Pig City with the Eggs.

King Pig waits a long time for the soup, pounding the table and chanting for eggs, but when the food is served, there is a snail eating. When he sees Chef Pig, King Pig laughs at him because Chef Pig has turned into a snail-palm tree and car hybrid. 

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