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Pig Talent
Pig t
Pig Talent title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 6
Air Date April 21, 2013
Written by Niklas Lindgren

Ian Carney

Directed by Kim Helminen
Birds N/A
Pigs 20130404-pig 20130404-kingpig Corporal Toons
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Pig Talent is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

It's talent show time in Pig City, but with King Pig as judge the contestants have a lot to be nervous about.


It starts at night, hosting a talent show. First up to perform was 3 pigs, and dances. Every pig likes it except the King Pig, who tells the Corporal Pig to stare at them. Corporal Pig does so, and sends them down a hole, making the competitors nervous. The next was an impressionist pig that resembled King Pig. Then, he made fun of King Pig by "mopping" with his tongue. The pigs laughed along, including the Corporal Pig, but King Pig did not take a joke, and whispered "Psst!!" to Corporal Pig. Yet again, the pig was down the hole, though Corporal Pig looked as if he didn't want to do it, as he had a sad expression, while he was smiling when staring at the first competitors. The last pig was up, and blew balloons of a dog and a tyrannosaurus rex. King Pig wasn't impressed. Worriedly, the pig blew a King Pig balloon, which King Pig nodded unsatisfied. The pig blew a balloon of the fortress. King Pig sighed unsatisfied. The pig was getting really worried, and blew the last balloon, which deflated and flew around the room, and hit King Pig on his head, worrying the pig, He expected the King Pig to be angry. Instead, the King laughed at the funny sound the deflated balloon made and mimicked the sound by blowing a raspberry. Then, the other spectating pigs laughed along with King Pig. The balloon-blowing pig was declared winner. Then, this trumpet player pig played music until his trumpet got stuffed up with confetti and he probably got some in his mouth and blew a raspberry. King Pig was amused and mimicked the trumpet pig, and all the other pigs blew raspberries too. Corporal Pig, however, was laughing so hard he slipped onto the plank of wood and all the Pigs in the circle fell down the hole. The balloon blowing pig sighs and with a squeal falls into the hole. Although, he still won.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)


  • If you look closely right by King Pig, you will see a picture of Foreman Pig.



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Angry Birds Toons S01E06 Pig Talent

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