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Piggy McCool

Piggy McCool is a Minion Pig that was disguised as a Blue Bird that first appeared in the Angry Birds Toons episode "True Blue?". In the episode, he was set up by Chef Pig to distract The Blues and steal the Eggs.

Role in Angry Birds Epic

As a friend and his shop

Piggy McCool (also known as Merchant Pig, in levels) also appears in Angry Birds Epic. He has a shop where you can buy resources and other things. He is your "friend" and you can have free rolls in his Golden Pig Machine.

In Arena Battles

You can also battle him in Arena Battles and perform free rolls in his Golden Pig Machine.

In Dungeons

Mc Cool Piggie

Piggy McCool in Angry Birds Epic.

You can hire Piggy McCool for free in Dungeons. You can hire him for free only once per day (paying Lucky coins for additional consecutive uses) and use him the next day for another dungeon.

In Chronicle Cave

You can hire Piggy McCool for free in Chronicle Cave (Once per day). However, if you had used Piggy McCool in a dungeon, you cannot use him in the Cave, or vice versa.

MerchantPig Piggy Mc'Cool/Merchant Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) HP


Pick Pocket

Deals 100% damage (he has a chance to deal critical damage) and steals 2-3 Snoutling1 from target.



Consumables used on the target have a 65% chance that they are restocked for free. Lasts 3 turns.


Happy Hour!

Rage Ability. All birds are healed by 35%. Rage Chili is refilled by 35%.

A pig dressed as the Blues from the Toons episode "True Blue". This pig can be used as an ally for Daily Dungeons and Chronicle Cave. You can also visit his island, he has an Airship, all of the keys, the Diamond Anvil, the Golden Cauldron, and the Golden Rage Chili. His birds are Red (Paladin holding Titan's Wrath and Titan's Grip), Chuck (Wizard), Matilda (Bard), Bomb (Capt'n) and The Blues (Spies holding Angry Bird Plushes and The Sling).

Name in other languages

Language Name Meaning
RussianСвин Хрякович
Svin Hryakovich
From "Хряк" (Boar).
Chinese(zh-cn)麦酷小猪 /(zh-tw)麥酷小豬McCool Piggy