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Piggy Tales: 4th Street is an upcoming season of Piggy Tales.[1]


In Piggy Tales: 4th Street we explore Pig City and learn about different aspects of urban Piggy life.

On the street, anything can happen. Everyday citizens lead their lives in a non-stop spree of creation and destruction. From cops and robbers to ghosts and goblins, Pig City is full of surprises and unpredictable stories. Do you dare to walk the streets?

The Revelation of Piggy Tales: 4th Street

It was revealed that there would be a new season of Piggy Tales as it was shown in the final episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act i.e Final Curtain that after the Janitor Pig had put the dynamites in the hole along with the other props they used throughout the whole season and shut the hole to end the season which resulted in an explosion, the wall blasted and broke apart with the pigs discovering that there is a city (Pig City) for them to live again. This was the main clue that there would be a fourth season. Later on, Rovio along with CAKE Entertainment showed the sneak peek picture of the fourth season which was named 'Piggy Tales: 4th Street' in the CAKE Entertainment website. Thus, it was revealed that there would be 'Piggy Tales: 4th Street'. CAKE Entertainment had produced 'Piggy Tales: Third Act'. Now they are producing this season too. They also produced 'Angry Birds Blues', a sequel series after the events of 'The Angry Birds Movie' which is still going on.


All episodes can be found at List of Piggy Tales: 4th Street Episodes.


  • Piggy Tales Third Act and Piggy Tales 4th Street have connections, as we can see on the episode Final Curtain.
  • Every single episode (excluding Scary Fog and Holiday Heist) have been leaked on iTunes. [2] [3]



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