Pigiana jones

Pigiana Jones.

Pigiana Jones is a character of the game Angry Birds Epic.

He is an ally of the birds just like Piggy McCool, a pig who appeared in the Angry Birds Toons episode True Blue? and is the Merchant Pig from Angry Birds Epic. The pig was inspired by Indiana Jones, A famous fictional treasure hunter that appears in 4 movies. (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) The actor who plays Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford. He is the same actor who plays Han Solo in the film Star Wars.

Han Solo in Angry Birds Star Wars is played by the Yellow Bird, Chuck.


The pig wears a fedora, Has an anchor tattoo on his cheek, Has a black eye-patch with a pig's nose on it and carries a rope, And also seems like the Pig has a beard. He also has a scratch on his nose.

Character Stats

Pigiana jones Pigiana Jones/Adventurer Pig (Player)

ABEpicHP (Transparent) HP



Immediately removes all helpful effects from target. Deals 100% damage (he has a chance to deal critical damage).



If the target is attacked, there is a 100% chance to counter with its own attack. Lasts 2 turns.


Whirlwind Whip

Rage ability, deals 170% damage to all enemies. 15% chance to stun for 1 turn.

Language Name Meaning
Chinese(zh-cn)印第安纳猪 /(zh-tw)養豬者(zh-cn)Indiana Pig /(zh-tw)Pig farmer


  • This is the second pig to be an ally of the birds in Angry Birds Epic. The first is Piggy McCool, The merchant pig.
  • He is the only character of Angry Birds to be based on a fictional character.
    • He is also the only pig to be based on a fictional character, As well as the only pig to be based on a person.