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Score Mighty Eagle Video Walkthrough Versions
Poached Eggs 2-19
Episode Poached Eggs EP
Level Number 40
Birds Sequence SparkySparkyBohemian
No.of Pigs Headstrong x 2
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 47,000 points
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Poached Eggs 2-18 Poached Eggs 2-20

Poached Eggs 2-19 is the 40th level of Poached Eggs.

3-Star Strategy

Shoot the first Black Bird so that it goes on the very top of the glass portion of the structure. It should destroy the "roof" of the structure, and the the flying debris should knock down the tall wooden wall to the left. Fire the second bird in between the two pigs, so that it kills them both. The unused White Bird awards the player 10,000 extra points.

Video Walkthrough

See Poached Eggs 2-19/Video Walkthrough

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