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Poppy hero

"You've been Poppied!"

Yes, it was probably me. I'm the original prankster of the flock. I won't let you get off easily, especially if you're green, round, and like to snort.

Abilities Spinning rapidly downwards, "drilling" through blocks
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella Level 12
Gender Female
Species Cockatiel
Locations Golden Island
Strength Medium
Size Large

Poppy is a yellow-colored Bird that appears in Angry Birds Stella as a close friend to Stella.


She is yellow and has 3 spiky tufts of hair that are waved back and a yellow and pink tail, and has pink spots on her cheeks, and has green eyes, so her overall appearance looks like a cockatiel.


She enjoys to laugh, as in promotional art for Angry Birds Stella, and in the character sketches, she was seen laughing with Stella. She can sometimes get outraged or prideful, as shown in her character sketches. She loves fun, being adventerous, and being creative, just as the rest of her friends.

Poppy is wild and mischevious. She loves being a comedian and making others laugh. She is an attention seeker and some of the other birds lose it when she takes her jokes too far. She doesn't like being alone and is a highly skilled percusionist. She hates it when someone tells her to be quiet and can destroy any object with her drumsticks while keeping rhythm.


Her power is aimed and functions similarly to Matilda's egg bombs, however Poppy sends herself "drilling" through blocks and obstacles placed directly below her as opposed to relying on another object that she drops to do the work. The ability has it's ups and downs when comparing it to Matilda's eggs: Since Poppy sends herself down, she does not create a Corpse that can be flung upwards when the ability is activated allowing for additional damage, and when she does initially land on the structure, she does not detonate, sending objects around her in opposite angles. Poppy's drill technique however can allow her to plow deeper into a structure than what a single Egg Bomb can before Poppy herself becomes a Corpse. She is the strongest bird out of physical strength.


Angry Birds Stella Animated Series


  • In Telepods (figure and image), Poppy has blue eyes, pink belly, and no pink cheeks.
  • Almost every one of Poppy's scrapbook images have glasses.

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