Puffed Up
Piggy Tales-Puffed Up
Episode number 13
Air Date July 4, 2014
Written by Chris Sadler and
David Vinicombe
Directed by Chris Sadler
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Puffed Up is the thirteenth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

What happens when you hold your breath? One poor piggy is about to find out!


It begins with the pigs giggling, but suddenly, a Minion Pig found out a new idea to blow themselves into a balloon, so one pig took a turn, tried to hold his breath, and he shrinks back to Minion Pig size. Then, the other pig did the same to blow himself into a balloon, hold his breath, and then shrink back. But one pig blew himself into a really big balloon, then the minion pig put a cork on the pig's mouth, but suddenly, he held his breath too long and was floating in the air, so when the pig put the cork out of the pig's mouth, he does not shrink back into Minion Pig size, but he deflates like a balloon. He causes mayhem to happen as he's deflating. He goes into the ground and the Minion Pig puts the cork down.


  • Minion Pigs



Piggy Tales "Puffed Up"

Piggy Tales "Puffed Up"

I can breath....

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