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Red's Mighty Feathers
Episode number 9
Levels 30
New features Red's power.
Released July 3, 2013
Game(s) Ab icon
Difficulty Unknown
Difficulty Rating N/A

(See Difficulty System)

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Bad Piggies Short Fuse

Red's Mighty Feathers is an Angry Birds episode. It was originally a non-sequential episode, but the V3.3.0 update revises it as the ninth episode. It also adds the Twenty Fourth theme - plus an Egg Defender theme.

Gameplay (Egg Defender Mode)

Each player is given unlimited Red Birds and set with one egg in this episode. The player tries protecting the egg while the pigs try to steal the egg.

Now, the Red Bird has a new power that acts like the Lazer Bird.

You can see the video here.



  • There is a new gameplay style in this episode, called Egg Defender. One egg is present, and pigs in vehicles are moving towards it. The bars at the top left corner of the screen determine how many stars you get depending on the number of pigs popped, the egg being saved and the number of birds launched in-game.
  • The pigs' vehicles are based on those seen in Bad Piggies.
  • When Red activates his power, he looks just like he did during the Angry Birds Toons episode Slingshot 101.
  • This is the first time the background of Piggy Island in Angry Birds Toons was shown in-game.
  • In the Egg Defender levels, you can have unlimited birds, but you can only attack with Red (and his new power).
  • This is the first episode that has a bird's name in the title.
  • The update changes the theme into the Angry Birds Trilogy theme. However, the normal theme can still be heard after playing a level of the classic game on Angry Birds Trilogy.
  • In the Egg Defender levels, the pigs don't have all the eggs.
  • In this update, all the classic icons of the older episodes changed the pigs' classic sprites to the Chrome ones, but we can't notice any pig from the previous episodes to change into his Chrome sprite.
  • Unlike the other episodes in the game, rather than Flash animation cut-scenes, this episode uses a comic book/strip-style format with still image panels telling the narrative, similar to Angry Birds Rio's cut-scenes and the Facebook version of Surf and Turf.
  • The V3.3.0 update adds classic-style levels where Red uses his new power to fight the Bad Piggies with the rest of the Angry Birds. The other birds make appearances in the following levels (Please note that this section is a spoiler):
  • Red does not appear in 24-8 and it is the only level that he does not appear in. Thus, he appears in all other levels in this episode.
  • In the old intro, the Mighty Eagle simply grants Red with the feathers, directly after that, Corporal Pig swoops in and takes the Eggs, which may been hinting that Mighty foreshadowed the events.
  • In the new intro, Red is tired of being the ONLY bird without powers, then Mighty gives Red the feathers, which gives the birds a huge advantage.

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