Red Koi Fish
Red koi fish
General Info
Powers Summons the Mighty Dragon
Tracks Total Destruction
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon Level 1-1
Gender: None
Species: Koi Fish
Locations: Angry Birds Seasons Year of the Dragon
Strength: Minimal
Size: Medium

For the similar summoner for Mighty Eagle, see Sardines.
For the similar tracker for Mighty Eagle, see Feathers.

The Red Koi Fish is a type of fish, needed to summon the Mighty Dragon in the Year of the Dragon. When the player shoots red koi fish out of the slingshot, the Mighty Dragon comes and defeats all the pigs in the area. When the player touches the Mighty Dragon button, all the birds still disintegrate and a red koi fish hops on the slingshot. Depending on where on a structure the koi lands, the direction and angle of the Dragon's attack will differ

Additionally, achieving Total Destruction of a level earns the player a red koi fish on the level selection screen. This functionality aligns with the concept of feathers earned with the Mighty Eagle in other episodes.


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