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Red Planet 5-3 (Angry Birds Space)

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Red Planet 5-3 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Redplanet banner
Level Number 103
Birds Sequence Big green birdLazer birdLazer birdRed bird space
No.of Pigs Teamster x7 Teamster x3
Headstrong x2
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 124,000 points
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Red Planet 5-2 Red Planet 5-4

Red Planet 5-3 is the third level in Red Planet.




Send Terence into the left side of the tower. That should push the entire structure to the right, and onto the steam geyser. Some debris will fly up to destroy the bubble pigs and even the blue crystal for extra points.


Angry Birds Space Red Planet 5-3 Walkthrough 3-Star00:37

Angry Birds Space Red Planet 5-3 Walkthrough 3-Star


This level is the location of the Golden Rover #1. Viking. You can obtain it by waste Terence and use the Lazer bird to reach the Rover.

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