Revenge of the Pork
Episode number 5
Levels 32
New features Playable Birds:
Kit Fisto

Playable Pigs:
Anakin Episode III copy SHOCKTROOPER

Released December 5, 2014
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Rise of the Clones Rebels

Revenge of the Pork is the 5th and the last episode of Angry Birds Star Wars II. It is set in two different planets: Geonosis and Mustafar. It is based on the last half of Attack of the Clones and the whole Revenge of the Sith.

Introduced Birds:

  • Kit Fisto (Kit Fisto)

Introduced Villians:

  • General Grievous ()
  • Anakin Episode 3 (Anakin Episode III copy)
  • Shocktrooper (SHOCKTROOPER)



  • Vader was in the final cutscene in Revenge of the Pork showing that it is the end of the sequel of Star Wars.
  • This is the first episode to have 5 cutscenes for the Pork Side
  • Despite Kit Fisto debuting in the bird side of Revenge of the Pork, he is only used in two levels, B5-8 and B5-12.
  • In The First Cutscene Of Pork Side, Anakin Slaps Count Dooku,Meaning This Is the First time a member of a side attacks a member of the same side.
  • In The Third Cutscene Of Pork Sife, Emperor Palpatine order the clonetroopers to begin the Order 66.

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