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Rocky Road
ABGO RockyRoadLogo
Release Date: December 11th, 2013
Levels: v1.0: 15 challenges, 3 tracks
Episode No.: 2
Previous Episode: Seedway
Next Episode: Air
Game(s): Angry Birds Go!

Rocky Road is the second episode/circuit in Angry Birds Go! The track has bumpy and wavy roads, as well as large ramps made up of the roads.

In the Angry Birds Go! 2.0 update, a kart to Rocky Road (Cool Runner) is unlocked after beating event 4-1, making it the 4th track to unlock.


  • Mighty Mountain
  • Hog Hideaway
  • Oink Canyon

List of Rocky Road Karts



  • The Blues' and Terence's karts look like monster trucks more than karts and King Pig's karts look like buggies.
  • Some of King Pig's karts have the word "royal" in their names.
  • King Pig's L6 kart, the Royal Rumbler, is more like an L4 kart because Royal Snout looks like an L6 kart because of it's golden colors and a red and gold chest behind.

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