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Rovio Entertainment (casually known as Rovio) is a Finnish game developer founded in 2003, when it was named Relude before 2005. From 2005 to July 2011, they were known as Rovio Mobile. They have developed a worldwide popular hit iOS game, Angry Birds, in 2009. Sony Pictures acquired Rovio (among with the other animation studios) in 2013.
Rovio logo

Rovio Logo

Angry Birds Games


Global Rovio Locations

Other Games

This is a list of all other games made by Rovio.

  • Amazing Alex (No longer available on the App Store)
  • Bad Piggies
  • Bounce Evolution
  • Bounce Tales
  • Bounce Touch
  • Bounce Boing Voyage
  • Burger Rush
  • Burnout (Java)
  • Collapse Chaos
  • Cyber Blood
  • Darkest Fear
  • Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak
  • Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare
  • Desert Sniper
  • Dragon & Jade
  • Formula GP Racing
  • Gem Drop
  • Marine Sniper
  • Mole War
  • Need for Speed: Carbon
  • Nibblers
  • Paid to Kill
  • Paper Planes
  • Patron Angel
  • Playman Winter Games
  • Shopping Madness
  • Space Impact: Meteor Shield
  • Star Marine
  • Sumea Ski Jump
  • Swat Elite Troops
  • US Marine Corps Scout Sniper
  • The Croods (an app based off the movie of the same name from DreamWorks Animation, Also no longer available on the App Store)
  • Totomi
  • War Diary Burma
  • War Diary Crusader
  • War Diary Torpedo
  • Wolfmoon
  • X-Factor 2008

Rovio Stars

Rovio Stars is Rovio's publishing arm, where they help other game studios with developing and publishing their video games. The Rovio stars titles are:


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