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Rovio Entertainment (casually known as Rovio) is a Finnish game developer founded in 2003, when it was named Relude before 2005. From 2005 to July 2011, they were known as Rovio Mobile. They have developed a worldwide popular hit iOS game, Angry Birds, in 2009.
Rovio logo

Rovio Logo

Angry Birds Games

Other Games

This is a list of all other games made by Rovio.

  • Amazing Alex
  • Bad Piggies
  • Bounce Evolution
  • Bounce Tales
  • Bounce Touch
  • Bounce Boing Voyage
  • Burger Rush
  • Burnout (Java)
  • Collapse Chaos
  • Cyber Blood
  • Darkest Fear
  • Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak
  • Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare
  • Desert Sniper
  • Dragon & Jade
  • Formula GP Racing
  • Gem Drop
  • Marine Sniper
  • Mole War
  • Need for Speed: Carbon
  • Paid to Kill
  • Paper Planes
  • Patron Angel
  • Playman Winter Games
  • Shopping Madness
  • Space Impact: Meteor Shield
  • Star Marine
  • Sumea Ski Jump
  • Swat Elite Troops
  • US Marine Corps Scout Sniper
  • The Croods (an app based off the movie of the same name from DreamWorks Animation)
  • Totomi
  • War Diary Burma
  • War Diary Crusader
  • War Diary Torpedo
  • Wolfmoon
  • X-Factor 2008

Rovio Stars

  • Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage
  • Tiny Thief
  • Juice Cubes


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