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Run Chuck Run is the twentieth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

The birds are fed up with speedster Chuck winning every race, so they unleash their secret weapon - Terence!


The episode starts when ChuckBombTerence and The Blues warm up for a race. Chuck examines other competitors preparing and is confident that he will win. Terence looks at Chuck angrily, scaring Chuck causing him to push the Blues and Bomb to the right. Then, Matilda shoots her pink pistol to kick off the race. Everyone speeds off, except for Terence, much to the confusion of Matilda and Red.

Convinced, Chuck races backwards, kisses Bomb, and moons the Blues. In a forest, he runs into Terence twice, and speeds off into the desert. He checks for Terence twice before racing again. The next time he checks, Terence is there. He screams in fear and quickly runs into a cave. When he lights a match, he realizes that Terence is in the cave too. He escapes the cave, sinks underwater, and spots Terence there once more. In the process of running away from Terence, he causes a King Pig rock to fall. Chuck is close to winning, but he crashes into Terence, who already won the race. Bomb and the Blues unintentionally stamp on Chuck, tying for second place and cheering for Terence. Chuck successfully reaches the finish line, but finishes in third. After Matilda gives the medals, Chuck sticks his tongue out at Terence. Terence sinks into the podium, causing Chuck to fly up in the air. Terence breaks the fourth wall with a smile.

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  • It was supposed to come after Slingshot 101, but got replaced by Thunder Chuck.
  • This is the second appearance of Terence & Bomb, ninth appearance of Red and Chuck, seventh appearance of Matilda, and tenth appearance of the Blues.
  • This is the 4th title that has Chuck's name in it. The other three were: "Chuck Time", "Full Metal Chuck", and "Thunder Chuck".
  • This episode proves that Chuck is a bit arrogant, along with Full Metal Chuck.
  • The title is based on many Run, (character's name), Run quotes.
  • While Chuck is racing underwater, a static stone King Pig with a fish tail on it was shown. This may be a reference to Piglantis.
  • This is the second time that all the first five flock members have an appearance together. The first is Off Duty.
  • This is the second time Terence smiled. The first was Gardening with Terence.
  • Again, the theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty and Slappy-Go-Lucky makes a surprise appearance in the intro.
  • While the birds are running, you can hear footsteps, despite the fact that they have no feet. Also, this is the first time that someone uses a (fake) gun.
  • Although Terence was supposed to stand still at the start line early in this episode, Terence always appears out of nowhere in a new position to block Chuck, preventing the latter from winning the race.
  • You can also hear Chuck say "Finish Line" in slow motion before he smashed into Terence.
  • This episode is a reference to Forrest Gump when someone says "Run Forrest Run".
  • The sound when Chuck dupes Bomb and The Blues, the music from Chuck Time when Chuck sees the butterfly can be heared.
  • The Terence and Chuck in cave is mentioned again in Hamshank Redemption, with a Prisoner Pig instead of Chuck.
  • This is the only episode along The Bird That Cried Pig(not counting cameos such as Toy Hoggers) in which Red doenst became angry, in other episodes, he always becames angry, such as with the sight of a pig, for example, in Tooth Royal where he, along with Cuck and Bomb, they became ultra angry when they see King Pig, beating him violenty, causing all his teeth to fall, and sometimes with other birds, such as in Chuck Time , where he becames mad with Chuck before he falls(despite he doenst makes a grunting noise) and in Egg Sounds, where he fights about the type of bird that is inside the eggs, and in several moments in The Angry Birds Movie, but in this episode, he is seen entirely happy, not becoming angry.


  • The Blues were weared Silver medals, along with Bomb, and Chuck with a Bronze medal, although The Blues finished the race after Bomb. So, Chuck should be considered as fourth, i.e., THE LAST.


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