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General Info
Release Date: September 27, 2012
Levels: 5
Episode No.: Not Numbered
Previous Episode: Non-Sequential
Next Episode: Non-Sequential
Game(s): Bad Piggies

The Sandbox is a vehicle creator in Bad Piggies, where the player can build with every object in the game. To unlock most of the levels, the player must clear ⅓ or ⅔ of an episode's default levels. One episode is unlocked by collecting ten hidden skulls throughout the game. It has 9 levels (11 if you count Field of Dreams and Little Pig Adventures).

Each level has twenty star boxes to collect, except the Field of Dreams and Little Pig Adventures. However, the main purpose of the Sandbox levels is for the player to control their creation to their heart's content, thus the star boxes won't reappear after they are collected.

The player is given an assortment of parts that varies in each sandbox level. Extra parts can be earned by completing stars in the regular levels. The construction grid is also much larger than those in regular levels.

The Red V8 engine is also unlocked by completing the episode.


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