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Season's Greedings
Seasons greetings 3
General Info
Release Date: December 1, 2010
Levels: 25 levels Days
Episode No.: 2
Previous Episode: Trick or Treat
Next Episode: Hogs and Kisses
Game(s): Angry Birds Seasons

For the similar episode featured in Season 2, see Wreck the Halls.

For the similar episodes featured in Season 3, see Winter Wonderham

For the similar episodes featured in Season 4, see Arctic Eggspedition

Season's Greedings is the second holiday-themed episode of Angry Birds, released as part of Angry Birds Seasons. Users who downloaded the separate Halloween levels released earlier were given the Season's Greedings levels as a free upgrade.

Season's Greedings is unique as it contains 25 levels, which opened once per day (At the time of its release), advent calendar style. Because of this format, the player can't unlock additional levels by completing them in order like in other episodes. Thus, the levels can be tackled in any order the player desires, proving that the required levels were passed.

Season's Greedings loading screen
Qazqaz555Added by Qazqaz555
To open the levels, the player must have a wireless internet connection. By default, the level is locked, and if the player attempts to access it when not connected to the internet, he/she'll be presented with an error message. But should the player connect successfully to the Internet before opening the levels, they'll load the level and will never encounter the problem again. Rovio has stated that an update would be released following Christmas Day 2010, when the twenty fifth and final level was released, which would open all of Season's
Smoke VrbadaAdded by Smoke Vrbada
Greeding's levels, but even after the Hogs and Kisses update was released
Thing 2
in February 2011, error messages can still be received.
App icon.

Golden Eggs

  • In level 13, smash the wreath in the center of the structure to obtain a Golden Egg.
  • Earn three stars on all 25 levels to unlock the "Big Present" Golden Egg.

Bonus levels

1. Contains 2 yellow birds and 1 blue bird.

2. Contains 1 red, black, white, boomerang and yellow bird.

3. Contains 3 big brother birds.


Season's Greedings contains 25 levels.

It's a very hard episode because all levels are quite hard.

The episode is considered the hardest episode in Angry Birds Seasons.


  • This episode also is the only one so far without any ending cutscenes or pictures. It does, however, include an ending video.
  • One can unlock the achievement for completing this episode and the Special Item, the Present with no star just by completing Level 25, even if
    Seasons Greeding's World
    Season's Greedings Background
    not all of the other levels have been completed. This also happens with Wreck the Halls and its Special Item, the Candy Cane with no star.
  • The title of this episode is a play on the phrase, "Season's Greetings".
  • This is the first episode based on Christmas, the second one being Wreck the Halls, the third one being Winter Wonderham and the fourth being Arctic Eggspedition.
  • The episodes Trick or Treat and Ham`o ween are the second pair of main theme- Ham`o ween.
  • Some of the levels as they appear in differ from the main version of Seasons. Some levels have minor changes, such as additional birds. But others, such as Level 5, are completely different.
  • On Level 18, 4 pigs wear hardhats from The Big Setup.
  • The King Pig appears four times in this episode: in level 1-6, level 1-25, and in both Golden Egg levels.
  • When it comes to Season's Greedings being updated in Angry Birds Halloween, that update changed the name to Angry Birds Seasons for the very first time.



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