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Season 2010 is the first package of Angry Birds Seasons. It is now contains the following two episodes:

  1. Trick or Treat - Halloween, 21st October 2010.
  2. Season's Greedings - Christmas, 1st December 2010.

Season's Greedings is succeeded by Hogs and Kisses, the first episode of Season 2011.

For a few of the episodes, in the old version, the picture on the season selection package screen changed:

  • Trick or Treat - Second Large Pig is in a pumpkin costume.
  • Season's Greedings - King Pig is wearing a christmas hat.

Now the picture has been deleted, now what remains is the Season 2010 banner.


  • Halloween 2010
  • Christmas 2010
  • Current icon.
  • Former icon.

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