Season 2012 is the third package of Angry Birds Seasons. It currently consists of the following six episodes and 135 levels.

Episode number Episode name Levels Release date New features
8 Year of the Dragon 15 January 19, 2012 Fireworks, Mighty Dragon (Mighty Dragon)
9 Cherry Blossom 15 March 7, 2012 N/A
10 Piglantis 30 June 14, 2012 Water
11 Back to School 20 August 16, 2012 Stella (Chic)
12 Haunted Hogs 30 October 23, 2012 Ghost Blocks
13 Winter Wonderham 25 December 1, 2012 Icicles

Year of the Dragon is preceded by Wreck the Halls, the seventh and final episode of Season 2011. Winter Wonderham is now succeeded by Abra-Ca-Bacon in Season 2013.

For each of the first three updates, the picture on the season package selection screen changed for Season 2012. But in the current update, the picture has been completely deleted, the only thing that remains is the Season 2012 banned.


  • Halloween 2011
  • Christmas 2011
  • Chinese New Year 2012
  • Cherry Blossom Festival 2012
  • Summer 2012
  • School Returns 2012
  • Former icon

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