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Short Fuse
Short Fuse
Episode number 10
Levels 45
New features Shockwave Black Bird
Orange Potion
Blue Potion
Pink Potion
Released November 26, 2013
Game(s) Ab icon
Difficulty Unknown
Difficulty Rating -Not calculated yet-

(See Difficulty System)

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Short Fuse is the tenth episode of Angry Birds and adds the 26th, 27th, and 28th themes. For this chapter, the Black Bird gains a new power called "Shockwave", and is able to zap pigs and push other blocks and objects around.

In this episode, the pigs have stolen the eggs again and have escaped to a laboratory. Meanwhile, Bomb appears near the laboratory, not noticing that he was on a puddle of an unknown purple potion, causing him to gain him the power of the Shockwave.


At the first level, the player is given Bomb with electrical shock wave powers. He uses them to zap the pigs, in which their skeletons are shown in less than a second. In addition to this, it also pushes blocks and objects very fast. After the first few levels, Shockwave is given as a powerup. Gameplay is still the same normally as it is.


Short Fuse has a new gimmick: Potions. When a pig is hit by a potion, it can have special effects, and can be useful in clearing a level faster.

  • Orange Potion : When this potion falls onto a pig, it will inflate into a very large pig, then deflates like Bubbles.
  • Blue Potion : When this potion falls onto a pig, the pig will spin at first and split into 3 smaller ones, like The Blues.
  • Pink Potion : When this potion falls onto a pig, the pig will mutate into a pig-shaped bubble, causing him to lift all nearby objects and even pigs, then it pops. The potion is similar to the power of Stella.


  • A T-Shirt about Bomb's new power was made, and is seen on the pause menu.
  • This is the second chapter to have the Chrome designs of the Bad Piggies. The first was Red's Mighty Feathers.
  • This update changed the Trilogy theme into the original theme.
    • It also added ".tv" to the Toons symbol.
  • This is the second chapter that changes an original bird's powers to newer ones. The first was Red's Mighty Feathers, when Red is able to target pigs in a similar fashion to Laser Bird from Angry Birds Space.
  • The last theme update changed the pigs and some certain objects into their new designs from Angry Birds Chrome
    • It also removed the start cutscene music from the other cutscenes.
  • In the trailer, it is shown that Bomb owns a virtually indestructible tablet resembling a iPad. Bomb appears on the back of the said tablet.
  • During the first version of the episode, the Golden Egg #31 was the only level able to reach one million points.
  • Some levels involve canisters that shoot out like rockets when touched by objects and birds. It is like the fireworks from Year of the Dragon and Rocket Rumble.
  • There are TNT balloons which rarely appear throughout the episode. These act like the balloons in Red's Mighty Feathers and Danger Above, except that when the birds hit them, they will explode.
  • In the last level of Short Fuse, King Pig appears to look like Albert Einstein, a famous scientist.
  • Short Fuse was also one of the few episodes to be released in two parts, the other being Danger Above.
  • It is the second time that the birds are not seen at the nest in the intro cutscene, then they appear at the right. The first one was The Big Setup's intro cutscene.
  • The Golden Egg level in Short Fuse has reversed gravity, which makes it the only Angry Birds level to have reversed gravity.


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