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Short Fuse
Short Fuse
Episode number 10
Levels 45
New features Shockwave Black Bird
Orange Potion
Blue Potion
Pink Potion
Released November 26, 2013
Game(s) Ab icon
Difficulty Unknown
Difficulty Rating -Not calculated yet-

(See Difficulty System)

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Red's Mighty Feathers TBA

Short Fuse is the tenth episode of Angry Birds and adds the Twenty Sixth, Twenty Seventh and Twenty Eighth themes. It introduced electrical shock waved Bomb, and there are two ways to use him.

In this episode, the pigs have stolen the eggs again and have escaped to a laboratory, but in the process manages to bomb watch them without realizing it has put on a purple potion, giving the "shock wave" power and beginning the persecution of pigs.


At the first level, the player is given Bomb with electrical shock waved powers. He is uses them to zap the pigs, whom skeletons are shown in less than a second.


  • Orange Potion : Inflating the pig like Bubbles.
  • Blue Potion : Splitting into 3 like The Blues.
  • Pink Potion : Converting pigs into balloon, cover the nearby blocks and floating for a few seconds like Stella.


  • A T-Shirt about Bomb's new power was made, and is seen on the pause menu.
  • This is the second chapter to have the Chrome designs of the Bad Piggies. The first was Red's Mighty Feathers.
  • This update changed the Trilogy theme into the original theme.
    • It also added ".tv" to the Toons symbol.
  • This is the second chapter to have a bird another power from its original. The first was Red's Mighty Feathers, where he collects feathers and shoot directly to the pigs.
  • The last theme update changed everything in chrome style.
    • It also removed the start cutscene music from the other cutscenes.
  • In the trailer, it is shown that Bomb owns a virtually indestructible tablet resembling a Ipad, humourously, it has a picture of Bomb on the back.
  • During the first version of the episode, the Golden Egg #31 was the only able to reach one million points.
  • Some levels involve canisters that shoot out like rockets when touched by objects and birds. It is like the fireworks from Year of the Dragon and Rocket Rumble.
  • There are also TNT balloons that appear in very small amount of levels.


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