A skull is a collectible item in Bad Piggies. They appear as the skulls of the Minion PigsCorporal Pig, and the Foreman Pig. So far, there are 45 skulls in the Tusk 'til Dawn update.

A skull.


The skull acts like a Star Box and a dessert. They are collectible, but are rare and hard to find and get.

After obtaining 10 skulls you can unlock the Find the Skulls Sandbox.

Currently, their use is to unlock the "Find the Skulls" Sandbox level and for iOS/Android users only.


  • Skulls also appear in Piggy Tales. They appear in Dr. Pork, M.D and Hiccups.
  • Oddly, the Foreman Pig's skull still has his mustache on it.
  • It is revealed that skulls can carry hiccups in the Piggy Tales episode Hiccups.
  • In Bad Piggies, The skulls have no ears and tails. In Toons.TV however, They have ears and tails.
  • Skulls also appear in Angry Birds Epic.