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General Info
Powers Launching Birds
First Level Appearance: Theme 1-1
Gender: None
Species: Slingshot
Locations: All Levels
Strength: None
Size: Regular (If a player not use King Sling)

The Slingshot is the main weapon/utility the Birds use in order to attack the Pigs. The player can pull back on the slingshot strap, then release to fire the bird in whatever direction the player desires. The slingshot has first appeared in Angry Birds, and every game after that (except Transformers), even its spinoff: Bad Piggies.


The player can change the direction and angle the bird will launch at by simply moving the bird up or down. The player can also change the firing speed. Pull the bird back slightly to make a weak launch, and pull it back farther to make a stronger launch (the latter often recommended).

Slingshot Power-Ups

In Angry Birds there are two Power-ups that change the abilities of the Slingshot: the King Sling and the Sling Scope. The King Sling grants maximum velocity to flinged birds, while the Sling Scope allows targeting as you pull back on the slingshot. Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio do not feature the King Sling, but they do use the Sling Scope. In the Facebook version of Angry Birds Star Wars, there's an equivalent to the King Sling known as the Lightsaber Sling.



Slingshot 2

A bent slingshot

  • If the player hits the bird on the Slingshot with another bird or a ice of debris from the Pig fortress, it causes the bird on the slingshot to rotate. See this page for more information.
  • When the Birds are launched in Bad Piggies, they pull back and fling automaticlly.
  • The Slingshot appears in every Angry Birds Toons episode with the birds so far except for Egg Sounds and Run Chuck Run.
  • The Slingshot is also used to begin races in Angry Birds Go! The King Sling also appears as a Power-Up in the game, which increases the distance when the player is released from the Slingshot and begins the race. 

Slingshot above


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