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Slingshot 101 is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

Red teaches the Blues a lesson when he finds them messing around with the slingshot, but he soon finds the boot on the other foot.


Red is protecting the eggs until he sees The Blues horsing around on the slingshot. He walks over to them and while he does that, three pigs covered by a bush slowly move towards the eggs. Red tells the Blues to stop, but they just ignore him and go back to playing on the slingshot. Red continues watching the eggs, and spots the pigs covered by the bush, and just looks at it until he sees the Blues playing on the slingshot once again. Red goes over to them again and shows them how to use the slingshot properly. While he does so, he notices the pigs stealing the eggs. He screams and accidentally launches himself. He crashes into a cliff nearby, causing the Blues to laugh at him. He later sees the Blues and the pigs in a fight. He then imagines the Blues being violently abused and tied around the slingshot, body-damaged by three pigs while the eggs are being taken, the King Pig laughing evilly, Chef Pig cooking the eggs and the King Pig eating them. Red grimaces at his imagination, screams, and angrily rushes down as fast as he can to where the Blues are, but before he can strike the pigs with an attack, he sees that the eggs are still there. He then turns around to see that they have defeated the pigs and then launches them away with the slingshot. He praises them. Later, Red and the Blues are performing tricks with their skateboards on the slingshot.

Cast (in order)

  1. Red and The Eggs (as they appear together)
  2. The Blues
  3.  Minion Pigs
  4. King Pig (Mentioned)
  5. Chef Pig (Mentioned)



  • The theme song of Angry Birds Toons has a re-orchestrated music. It remains the music of Do As I Say!, when Matilda saves the eggs from the pig.
  • Before ignoring Red, one of The Blues turn into Red's shape like in the episode Do As I Say!, he turned into Matilda.
  • This is the fourth appearance of King Pig in a Toons episode since he's mentioned.
  • When Red imagines that the King Pig will eat the Eggs, King Pig's laugh voice is a slightly higher pitch of his regular voice. Also, the stalks on King Pig's crown are drooping. However, in the episodes he appeared in reality, the stalks on his crown are sticking straight up. The drooping crown might be a reference to surrealism.
  • This is the Chef Pig's second appearance as he's mentioned and shown.
  • This is the first time that it shows the Eggs crack out since it was mentioned imaginary.
  • If you look closely at the bottom of the bush the Pigs are in, you can see Pig hooves.
  • One of The Blues that pretended to be Red made the face the Blues normally had in early cinematic trailers.
  • This episode is almost like Do As I Say!: The Blues do stunts while another bird tells them not to, pigs try to steal the eggs, The Blues imitate a bird, and after a while, the bird joins The Blues in whatever they are doing.
  • Red turns flat after he launches himself by accident.
  • Before revealing what's actually happening in the place that was the slingshot, Red Bird's eyes start lighting, in the fact that he wanted to save The Blues and his eggs.
  • In some scenes in Red, his animation of appearance is different.
  • The cliff Red landed on probably was from the episode Chuck Time.
  • On the bottom of Red's skateboard is a skeleton.
  • This is the second time when there is an imaginary pig, and the first time when there are a couple of them. It is the second time skateboards appear. The other time they appear is in the episode True Blue?.
  • The egg beater from the only scene with Chef Pig was nearly floating in mid-air.
  • This is the 6th episode with a slingshot. The first was Chuck Time, 2nd was Full Metal Chuck, 3rd Cordon Bleugh! 4th True Blue?, and 5th Do As I Say!.
  • In this episode and Off Duty it seems that when the eggs are in danger, Red can move extremely fast, covering the whole distance from the cliff to the slingshot in a matter of seconds.
  • This is the first time Red showed his sharp fangs.
  • Part of this episode was used in a Dave & Busters commercial.
  • The Pig corpses when they are about to be launched resembles the ones from the Back to School Short Animation.


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Angry Birds Episode 11 Slingshot 101

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