Smugglers' Den Level 27
File:Rio 2-11.jpg
General Info
Episode: Smuggler's Den
Level Number: 26
No. of Birds: Blue Bird x1

Yellow Bird x2

Red Bird x1

No. of Caged Birds: Pink Bird x11

Purple Bird x1

Yellow Bird x2

Blue Bird x1

Red Bird x1

Difficulty: Very Medium
Target Score: 61,000
Previous Theme: Theme 2-11
Next Theme: Theme 2-13

Theme 2-12 is the 27th level of Smuggler's Den in Rio. The player is supplied with one Blue Bird, two Yellow Birds and one Red Bird.

3-Star Strategy

Use the Blue Bird to splitting him into three separate birds onto pink bird and purple bird. Launch the Chuck to speeding him into the TNT undernearth vertical stone on center. Fire the Red Bird to above an red bird and blue bird whlist box crate pushing the caged yellow bird onto falling right and files away at least 51,000. The final unused Chuck awards the player 10,000 extra points.

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