Smugglers' Den Level 5
File:Rio 1-5.jpg
General Info
Episode: Smuggler's Den
Level Number: 5
No. of Birds: Red Bird x4
No. of Caged Birds: Purple Bird x1

Red Bird x1

Red Macaw Bird x1 Gold Macaw Bird x1

Difficulty: Easy
Target Score: 55,000
Previous Theme: Theme 1-4
Next Theme: Theme 1-6

Theme 1-5 is the 5th level of Smuggler's Den in Rio. The player is supplied with 4 Red Birds.

3-Star Strategy

Aim the first Red Bird for the chain holding the stone boulder. The Red Bird will hit the chain and carry on with his flight and hit the cage on the far left to release two Macaws. The stone boulder should finish the rest of the level giving you at least 25,000 points. The player should then have three Red Birds left over, for an extra 30,000 points.

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