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Snack Time (S3 E4)
Snack Time TC
Snack Time title card. (Click to zoom)
Episode number E04 S3
Air Date July 1, 2016
Written by Thomas Lepeska
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
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Sharpest Shooter Batter Up

Snack Time is the fourth episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

In this episode, A pig tries to get a chocolate bar inside a vending machine.

Toons.TV Description

The age old struggle of pig vs machine.


A pig is cleaning up the stage of the piggy theater and suddenly notices a vending machine on the stage. The Minion Pig then notices a chocolate bar inside the vending machine. The pig then grabs a coin and attempts to get the chocolate bar, But the bar only tilted a little bit. It didn't fall. The pig pushes the button and then hitting the glass forcing the chocolate bar to come out. Then the pig shakes the vending machine, jumps on it, Hits it, and then waits for it to come out. The pig goes crazy and then runs into the vending machine, Hits it with a broom, uses a jackhammer, and more attempts. Finally, he uses ketchup or catsup (Depends where you live, The spelling is different.) and electrecutes both and the Vending machine runs out of order, and then turns back on again. The pig rages and climbs into the vending machine and the chocolate bar comes out. Unfortunately, the pig is stuck in the vending machine and tries to get out by shaking it. He shakes it again and then the vending machine falls on the chocolate bar. The episode ends.


Coming soon.


  • This was the second episode to feature food in Piggy Tales: Third Act. (Chocolate bar) The 3rd was in Batter Up where pancakes was featured and the first was in Sharpest Shooter where an apple was featured.
  • This is the first episode to have a vending machine in it.
  • The chocolate bar is seen floating in the title card.
  • When the pig runs into the vending machine, It was probably a reference in the scene where Bomb ran into a painting in The Angry Birds Movie's ''Paint your Pain'' scene.
  • This episode reveals what the rest of the piggy theater looks like.
  • This was the first episode to show a jackhammer.
  • This was the second episode to show a pig trapped in something. (Vending machine) The first was in Wrong Floor where a pig was trapped in an elevator.
  • This was the first episode to show sauce. (Ketchup / Catsup)
  • This was the first episode to show a pig get crazy over food.
  • This was the second episode to show a pig crazy. The first was in Up the Ladder.
  • The pig also possibly suffered from OCD. (More info on Up the Ladder)
  • The vending machine had 5 empty slots.
  • These were all the attempts the pig used to get the chocolate bar:
    • Inserting a coin inside the vending machine and pressing a button.
    • Pressing the button repeatedly.
    • Banging the glass.
    • Shaking the machine.
    • Jumping on the machine.
    • Banging the machine repeatedly.
    • Running into the machine.
    • Using a broom to bang the machine.
    • Using a jackhammer on the machine.
    • Attempting to carry the machine. (The pig reads a book for this)
    • Kicking a soccerball into the machine. Instead, the ball goes straight into his face.
    • Using magic.
    • Using ketchup.
    • Going inside the machine. (Success, But the pig got trapped in the machine)
  • The chocolate bar's wrapper looks like this:
    • A pig with traces of chocolate on it, Happy. It seems like the pig has a beard. Also, There are brown pig snots around the pig in the wrapper.


  • When the pig went inside the vending machine, It was totally fine for a while. In reality, If you go in a vending machine, It will malfunction, And then explode.
  • In the title card, The pig looked up. In reality, It is physically impossible for pigs to look up or into the sky.
  • The chocolate bar had a lighter shade of brown in the title card, But in the episode, It was darker.

External Links Snack Time on the Toons.TV website.

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