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Sneezy Does It
Sneezy D It
Sneezy Does It title card (Click to zoom)
Episode number 19
Air Date July 21, 2013
Written by Stuart Kenworthy
Directed by Kari Juusonen
Birds N/A
Pigs 20130404-kingpig 20130404-pig Corporal Toons
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Slappy-Go-Lucky Run Chuck Run

Sneezy Does It is the nineteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

When a nervous Minion Pig is chosen to carry the King's litter, can he stop himself sneezing long enough to carry out his duty?


King Pig is having a birthday party parade in Pig City. He is being carried by four piggies on stilts. A pig with a birthday hat celebrates, but he makes a pig accidentally spill pink lemonade which made the King Pig fall over and cry. The minion pig who slipped was put in a cannon, and then he was shot out. Two guard pigs take the party pig away.

A minion pig then levers up the chair to put the party pig under. Some minion pigs give King Pig some presents. The King Pig then eats some food very sloppily, as it was dripping on the party pig. The party pig then got confetti all over himself. He then continues carrying the chair, and when the birthday pig got to the palace, a bee annoyed the party pig, and goes through his snout and comes out. The pig swallowed the bee, but it flew out of his ear and stung him on the nose, causing him to yowl and move about, which started making the King Pig's chair to go out of control, and the presents to fall over, which the Corporal Pig and two minion pigs watch. King Pig then falls out of the Pig building, and started crying again. At sunset, the party pig was put into the same cannon where he blows his birthday whistle one more time before being shot out.



  • The title is a pun on "Easy does it".
  • This is the seventh and last episode in a row to have a pig on the title card.
  • This is the first time King Pig cries.
  • The medieval-style city also comes from Trojan Egg, Crash Test Piggies and Slappy-Go-Lucky.
  • It's always a consequence if the pig had an accident to King Pig.
  • The color of carpet in the episode Slappy-Go-Lucky is red. In this episode, it is purple.
    • You will notice almost all objects are purple, such as a purple birthday hat with party blowers, purple flag and banner, purple gifts and purple carpet.
    • This episode could mean King Pig's favorite color is purple.
  • This is the second time it is a pig's birthday. The first was Another Birthday.
  • This is the 3rd consecutive episode not to have an appearance of the Birds.


  • At first, the two pigs hold a banner that reads "King Pig's Birthday". But a second later, it disappears.
  • The pig's hat is orange on the title card. But in the Toon, it's purple.
  • When the birthday pig was stung by the bee, the Corporal Pig was bigger when he looks at what was happening. Then a few seconds later, he appears to be smaller.
  • If you look at the crowd while King Pig is crying the first time, they actually smile and when the pig is about to face the consequences, they become worried by the accident.
  • King Pig's crown disappear when Corporal Pig is watching after the pig gets stung.
  • The pig on the cannon at the the end has different pupils when on he cannon, and when he toots.


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