Snowy Tournament
After Tournament I Score
Release Date: December 30th, 2013
Levels: 6
Episode No.: Week 85-100
Previous Episode: Holiday Tournament
Next Episode: Unknown
Game(s): Angry Birds Friends

Snowy Tournament: is the after tournament on Angry Birds Friends, later of the Holiday Tournament and the tournament of beings 2014, the background is from Holiday Tournament, but before in the night

The Jingle Sling, the snow blocks, the gifts and clothes of the avatar, appears in this tournament the same of the Holiday Tournament

but removed the Holiday Specials and the Cut-Scenes

The Original song has here back on Facebook, on mobile is here back Ode to Snow and "Holiday Tournament" name


  • This is the thirth Holiday Tournament 2013
  • This is also known as the Snowy Tournaments 1, and 2...
  • Snow Blocks and Gifts appear in 1 tournament, Holiday Tournament.
  • The crystals of the level 2 is appear a number 2014 a level of the new year.
  • The snowy background is from Holiday Tournament but in the dawn


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