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South Beach is the first zone in Angry Birds Epic. In the first time, you have to use only Red to pass all the levels.


South Beach is the first area in Angry Birds Epic. It is a tropical area, and is known for the abundance of tropical items, like seashells, bananas and water. In the battles, you can see an abundance of fruits on the ground. It is first played out in the tutorial.

An example of a level.


King Pig wanted to eat the eggs, then he commanded Prince Porky and Wizpig to steal them. When they arrived the bird's camp, which is lived by Red, and Chuck, they stole all the eggs, Golden Pig Machines, and Magic Anvil and captured Chuck to the Pig's Prison. Wizpig placed one of the five eggs on the Cobalt Pig Castle.


There are four main levels in this zone. You have to use Red for complete all first four levels before encountered the Pig Prison. The levels become harder after you have rescued Chuck. After you help Bomb, you have to play the Cornucopia Woods to sail to the Limestone Lagoon.

This zone (except Cornucopia Woods) are very easy. They should not be a problem.

Level Type Waves Pigs Notes
South Beach - 1 Normal Battle 1 Stick Pig x 1
South Beach - 2 Normal Battle 1 Stick Pig x 1, Rouge x 1
South Beach - 3 Normal Battle 1 Brute x 1
South Beach - 4 Normal Battle 1 Stick Pig x 1, Brute x 1
Cornucopia Woods Normal Battle 1 Matey x 3, Pirate x 2 This level can change pigs to all of the pigs encountered at Southern Sea and Limestone Lagoon.

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