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South Beach - 1

Zone South Beach
Type Normal Battle
Enemies 1x StickPig
Main Prize Seashell :3
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N/A South Beach - 2

South Beach - 1 is the first level in Angry Birds Epic and it is the first South Beach level. It is a Normal level. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 3 Seashells.

Stick Pig is introduced here. This level is also the tutorial on how to play the game.


King Pig hires Wizpig (Chef Pig) and Prince Porky (Freckled Pig) to steal the eggs, and so they go on a journey with a small Pig army to get the eggs. The Pigs locate the eggs along with Red (who was fixing the nest) and Chuck (who was sleeping). The Pigs ambush Red and Chuck and as a result Wizpig succeeds in stealing the eggs. Prince Porky, along with his Rogue army, manages to birdnap Chuck while they leave Red behind. They successfully stole the Magic Anvil, the Golden Pig Machine, the five eggs and Chuck. Wizpig places one of the eggs on top of Cobalt Pig Castle. First, Red must save Chuck from the Rogues who is handling Chuck's cage and Prince Porky who is sitting on Chuck.


1. Extremely easy

Extremely easy. Pigs only hurt you only 7% health every time (or 12% for the later levels).

(See Difficulty System)


Before Unlocking Chuck:

StickPig Stick Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 20



Deals 7 damage.

After Unlocking Chuck:

StickPig Stick Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 91



Deals 12 damage.



The pig stumbles and does nothing. Stupid pig.


Before Unlocking Chuck

You must attack one Stick Pig, and Red will be the only bird available. You may attack at every turn you like.

After Unlocking Chuck

Same strategy, except the Stick Pig's health is at 91, and you may choose between three birds or fewer to win this game. Again, you may attack at every turn you like.


Angry Birds Epic South Beach Level 1 Walkthrough01:31

Angry Birds Epic South Beach Level 1 Walkthrough

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