South Hamerica 1-4
South Hamerica 1-4
Episode South Hamerica
Level Number 4
Birds Sequence BohemianSparkyBohemian
No. of Pigs Teamster: x2 Teamster: x3 Teamster: x3
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 80,000 points
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South Hamerica 1-3 South Hamerica 1-5

South Hamerica 1-4 is the fourth level of South Hamerica.


Aim Matilda to the truck with the Large Pig standing next to the TNT and shoot her. Drop Matilda's bomb egg immediately to bounce to the circle stone at the top. The stone will roll off to the TNT and explode to pop the pigs. Don't worry about the remaining pigs, after the TNT explodes, it will push the stone and it will continue rolling to pop those pigs.


Angry Birds Seasons South HAMerica 1-4 Walkthrough 3 Star00:47

Angry Birds Seasons South HAMerica 1-4 Walkthrough 3 Star

A score of 91,510.

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