Southern Sea - 3

Zone Southern Sea
Type Normal Battle
Enemies 2x PigGuard

1x RoyalBomb

1x PrincePorky

Main Prize ABEpicTreasure (Transparent) x1
(Water (Transparent):3 after you got the treasure)
Previous Next
Southern Sea - 2 Desert Island - 1
Eastern Cobalt Plateaus - 3

Southern Sea - 3 is the thirty-eighth level of Southern Sea in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Normal level. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Chest. (3 Water if replaying)

Beating this level will give you the Yellow Pig key, which unlocks areas blocked by the Yellow Pig Gate.


Prince Porky's ship has been sunk and Prince Porky was sunken by the ship as well. However, he's not out of health yet and he can't get the Yellow Key anymore because he lost his ship. He swims to Desert Island. The Blues got the Yellow Key and are happy because the other birds have save them. But their ship has been broken and it is sinking. Luckily, the Blues jump to the birds' ship and join the flock for the next adventure. Prince Porky runs into Desert Pig Castle, where the 2nd egg is kept.


You have to engage 2 Pig Guards, 1 Royal Bomb and 1 Prince Porky.. Each enemy's stats are shown below.

PigGuard Pig Guard

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 424



Deals 40 damage. Empties the Rage Chili by 5%.

RoyalBomb Royal Bomb

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 117


Tick Tack

Charge: 2 turns. Deals 45 damage to all enemies.

Prince Porky Prince Porky

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 1462


Vicious Backstab

Deals 3 x 27 damage.



Passive: Can't take more than 70 per attack.


Warning: Be careful! When you have a boosted damage, Prince Porky may treat it as 70 damage per attack.

Choose Matilda in Druid, Red in Samurai and Chuck in Lightning Bird. First, attack the Pig Guards, Royal Bomb, and Prince Porky by Red, Chuck and Matilda in the first turn. After the pigs attack for the first turn, use Red's secondary skill when a bird is almost out of health. If not, attack with him, then, attack every turn with Chuck, and then, heal if a bird is again almost out of health, otherwise, attack with Matilda. Use the Rage Chili to Chuck when it is full. When there is only Prince Porky on the battlefield, use Chuck's secondary skill on Red instead of attacking with him. Repeat this over until you win or lose.


Angry Birds Epic - Southern Sea Level 3 3 Star Walkthrough Gameplay

Angry Birds Epic - Southern Sea Level 3 3 Star Walkthrough Gameplay


  • At first, this level was a three-wave level. It contained 2 Pig Guards and 1 Bird Catcher at the first wave, 2 Pig Guards and 1 Corporal at the second wave and Prince Porky only at the last wave. This made the level easier than it is currently is. When the game was released worldwide, the level was fixed into the level that is now used.