Angry Birds Space is the second Angry Birds game to have typical video game boss levels, the first being Angry Birds Rio. Every final level of the episodes is a boss fight. 
Angry Birds Space - Boss Theme (SoundTrack)

Angry Birds Space - Boss Theme (SoundTrack)

The boss levels are as follows:

First Boss Level

  • Episode: Pig Bang banner
    Boss fight

    King Pig is in the UFO that has wheels

  • Level: 1-30
  • Boss: King Pig (Master:) in UFO Tank
  • Attacks:King Pig shoots out bubbles containing either vegetables or asteroids, he also moves around the map.
  • Method: Just shoot the birds at the bubbles with asteroids. The vegetable bubbles have no effect other than giving points. Bomb can also damage the King Pig too.

Second Boss Level

  • Episode: Cold Cuts banner
    Boss 2

    The Claws of the UFO are invisible

  • Level: 2-30
  • Boss: King Pig (Master:) in UFO Saucer
  • Attacks:King Pig just flies around in an attempt to avoid your attacks.
  • Method: Use the frozen asteroids to hit him. Some birds work too, and, if you are lucky, you may even freeze the King Pig with the Ice Bird. If Bomb's explosion hits one of the saucer's claws when it's destroyed,it'll be destroyed as well. All birds go through it too.

Third Boss Level

  • Episode: Utopia banner
    Boss 4

    He's eating popcorn

  • Level: 4-30
  • Boss: Ravenous Fat Pig (Fat pig:)
  • Attacks:Fat Pig just spins to try to avoid projectiles.
  • Method: Shoot the cornucopia that shoots popcorn to make it shoot black popcorn, which hurts him. After enough popcorn is on the fat pig, the cornucopia will not shoot anymore popcorn, so destroy the popcorn on the fat pig, you can also shoot asteroids in his mouth, birds and black popcorn work too, but only Black Bird and Big Brother Bird are the only birds that can do a sufficient amount of damage.

Fourth Boss Level

  • Episode: Redplanet banner
    Boss 5

    Minion Pigs are riding in the Rover, and the Moustache Pig is outside in a bubble

  • Level: 5-30
  • Boss: Pigs (Teamster: x2 Teamster: x2) in Hijacked Mars Curiosity Rover
  • Minor Boss: Foreman Pig (Wonk:)
  • Attacks:The rover just moves around, the Foreman Pig does nothing, though.
  • Method: The Pigs are riding the rover, there are also gravitational sections, and the Foreman pig is outside the atmosphere, making him hard to hit. The Rover goes in circles, so shoot the pigs on the rover and use a bird that can hit the foreman pig, which can be the Lazer Bird.

Fifth Boss Level

  • Episode:Pig Dipper banner 

    King Pig with Eggsteroid in Submarine

  • Level: 6-30
  • Boss: King Pig (Master:) in UFO submarine
  • Attacks:King Pig just swims in the water, and he sometimes lowers and rises back up.
  • Method: Use the TNT boxes, King Pig will occasionally lower, making him hard to hit. Try to wait until he rises back up, then hit him again, repeat this one more time, the Eggsteroid is freed and King Pig is defeated. Shooting anchors and heavy birds, such as Bomb and Terence, work as well.

Sixth Boss Level

  • Episode: Cosmic Crystals banner

    3-Eyed pig on His Saucer

  • Level: 7-30
  • Boss: Alien Pig (8525 Inoplanetnyi svin:) in Robo-Pig Saucer
  • Attacks:The saucer will try to absorb anything in the field, it also spins around. Release a crystal planet every spin when he turns to the right side.
  • Method: Try to pop the bubbles with Asteroid inside then make sure the Robo-Pig Saucer absorb the Asteroid and takes a damage, Bomb and Terence also work as well to make a damage.

Seventh Boss Level

  • Episode: BeakImpact
  • Level: 8-20
  • 8-20

    The King hiding in the Black Hole, send Spacship Pigs

    Boss: King Pig (Master:) in UFO from Black Hole
  • Minor Bosses: Pig-shaped spaceship x23
  • Attacks: Send six waves of spaceship from the black hole. 2-5 ships per wave.
  • Method: Use as least birds as possible and use asteroids as later as possible to get three stars. Use any birds to kill the boss.

Eighth Boss Level

  • Episode: BeakImpact

    Damaged UFO behind the doors

  • Level: 8-40
  • Boss: King Pig (Master:) in Damaged UFO
  • Minor Bosses: Pig-shaped spaceships (Not necessary to be cleared)
  • Attacks: Send 2-3 Pig-shaped spaceships per wave, Doors.
  • Method: Use as least birds as possible. Use birds to destroy some switches to open the gate for finish the king pig.

Ninth Boss Level

  • Episode: Brass Hogs Banner
  • Level: 9-30
  • Boss: King Pig (Master:) in the Giant UFO
  • Minor Bosses: Pigs (Teamster: x2)
  • Attacks: Doors.
  • Method: First, take out the two pigs in the left compartments. Second, Blow the doors in front of King Pig.