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Space birds 2

Space Birds by size

Space Characters are the Birds seen in Angry Birds Space. The first name that was known was "Lazer Bird" from the file name of images added to the Angry Birds Google+ page on February 17, 2012. The "Ice Cube Bird" was mentioned in passing by a Rovio employee at SXSW but could be merely colloquial. The true bird names were later revealed via AngryBirdsNest and The Daily.[1] Every bird (except the Space Eagles) resemble a different Marvel or DC Comics character.

Captain Red

Super Red Bird
Red bird space
Abilities None
First Appearance Level 1-1
Gender Male
Species Cardinal
Locations Most Levels
Strength Weak-Normal
Size Regular

Captain Red is the classic Red Bird. When pulled through the wormhole into the new Space environment, he found himself outfitted with the Super Space Mask. His mask resembles those of Wolverine and Batman. The mask has the ability to lock-on to and zoom in on pigs and unknown objects, even from a far distance (as seen in the beginning comic of Utopia)

The Lightning Birds

Lightning Birds
Blue birds
Abilities Splitting in to three
First Appearance Level 1-8
Gender Males
Species Eastern-Blue Bird
Locations Most Levels
Strength Normal
Size Small

The Lightning Birds are the classic Blue Birds. They have the powers to break ice and triplicate, as in the classic Angry Birds game. They are commonly placed after an Ice Bird due to their great compatibility. Their helmets resemble that of the Flash. Their tails are missing.

Firebomb Bird

Bomb bird
Abilities Exploding
First Appearance Level 1-14
Gender Male
Species Antillean Bullfinch
Locations Many
Strength Strong
Size Large

Firebomb is the classic Black Bird. His power to incinerate anything within a radius of his body is called "heat shock wave." His coat, skin colors and powers resemble Firestorm. If he is slung to weakly and stops moving, he will suddenly straighten and disintegrate, not even exploding. This can easily be done on PC.

The Incredible Terence

The Incredible Terence
Big green bird
Abilities Mass and momentum
First Appearance Level 2-16
Gender Male
Species Cardinal
Locations Many
Strength Strong
Size Large

The Incredible Terence (often known as Monster Bird) is the original Terence, but now green in color instead of red like his smaller brother, Red. The Incredible Terence is capable of immense destruction due to his size and girth. His new skin color and large size resembles the Hulk. His Noise ability, unlike Captain Red, has a roaring noise like Hulk

Lazer Bird

Lazer Bird
Lazer bird
Abilities Lock on target
First Appearance Level 1-20
Gender Male
Species Canary
Locations Most Levels
Strength Normal
Size Medium

Lazer Bird is the classic Yellow Bird. But purple in color instead of yellow. In the game, Lazer Bird's abilities are similar to Chuck, with a slightly different control method. Instead of the player tapping the screen to increase speed, tapping now chooses a directional target. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the chosen target, ignoring gravity until hitting something. However, he cannot follow a moving target. His goggles resemble those of Cyclops.

In the game, cutscenes, the loading screen, and for the plush toy, Lazer Bird has a cape. He originally only had a lightning bolt tail, but it was removed and he was wearing a cape in the second Red Planet update.

Ice Bird

See Ice Bird

Atomic Bird

Atomic Bird
Orange bird space
Abilities Expands to huge size after impact
First Appearance Level 4-11
Gender Male
Species Oriole
Locations Low abundance since 4-11
Strength Medium
Size Small/Massive after power activated

Atomic Bird is the classic Orange Bird. His costume resembles that of Firestorm, similar to Space Bomb, but his ability resembles Lagoon Boy.

Atomic Bird still retains his abilities, but with minor changes. He stays inflated for a shorter amount of time, and cannot damage anything while deflating.



  • Atomic Bird is only bird that made his debut in the update.
  • He has never appeared in any cutscenes.
  • In boss levels, he appears only in 2 levels: 4-30 and 5-30.
  • In Cosmic Crystals and Beak Impact, he appears only in 3 levels each. He doesn't appear in all three boss levels.
  • Before Utopia update, Incredible Terence didn't launch on the screen due to an error.
  • It is unknown why I.T. didn't get a chance to fight in Pig Bang.

Space Eagle

Space Eagle
Space eagle SPEED
Abilities Mass destruction in a given area
First Appearance Player's choice
Gender Male
Species Bald Eagle
Locations Player's choice
Strength Very Strong
Size Enormous

Little is known about the history or origins of the Space Eagle. The Space Eagles play a similar, but slightly different role than the Mighty Eagle. Space Eagles can be summoned using Sardine Cans, just like the Mighty Eagle. When the sardines are launched, a space warp will appear and the Space Eagle will do some damage to the level. The player then continues to play the level as normal with the remaining birds. An Eagle Highscore still appears.

Unlike the Mighty Eagle, there are no time restrictions on use, and you can use several per level. You can earn them through gameplay achievements, and they’re available as an in-app purchase on iOS and Android via the Android Market (Google Play).

Tip: When you get 100% Total Destruction on all the levels of an episode, 3 feathers will be presented in a bubble as a special item. Behind the feathers, or background of the bubble in technical terms, is a glowing color that signifies which episode you got 100% Total Destruction on. So far the glowing colors are: Pig Bang: Green, Cold Cuts: Turquoise, Fry Me to the Moon: Blue, Utopia: Pink, and the Danger Zone: Red.

If you look in the birds game sprites on Angry Birds Space's files for PC, you can see the Space Eagle in the sprite sheet along with the other birds. This could mean that the Space Eagle might come to PC in the future, but this still isn't confirmed.

The Space Eagle somewhat resembles a raven or crow with it's purple plumage. It also has two plume feathers on top of it's head. The Space Eagles beak appears to be strongly curved, but thats to be expected. Space Eagles appear much larger than the Earth-going Mighty Eagle but are much weaker. Many people are not happy with this and wish that the Space Eagle be swapped with the Mighty Eagle; others just want the Space Eagle to be more powerful with no alteration to the Mighty Eagle.

Space Egg

Space Egg
Egg space
Abilities Creating a black hole that sucks in and/or flings objects and pigs
First Appearance Level 3-10 (Playable in Level S-1 - S-10)
Gender Male
Species Egg (Bird)
Locations Space Egg Levels
Strength Strong
Size Small

The Space Egg is an egg in Angry Birds Space. It made it's first appearance in Fry Me To The Moon, where it had been kidnapped by the Mustache Pig. It appeared in level 3-10. After the Angry Birds defeated the Mustache Pig, the Space Egg is saved. It also made appearances in cutscenes of Fry Me to the Moon and Utopia.

The Space Egg was released as a character on July 26, 2012 along with the Orange Bird as part of the "best update ever". If you get 3 stars on every level in a page, an "egg" level will open up. All of these contain the egg as a "bird". The Space Egg can create a small but very powerful black hole that appears on screen for a short time. It can be used kind of as a magnet, to pull things around. When you launch the Space Egg, the antenna glows blue. By getting three stars on all the levels of an episode plus the egg levels, you get a special item bubble.

Space Piggies

The Space Piggies appear to be Earth's Bad Piggies (exception for Big Bork whom only appears in Space and seems to be an alien). How they came to be in Space or got their updated equipment is only explained in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide. Long ago, a group of Bad Piggies attempted to launch a submarine off Piggy Island's Shipwreck Shore. Instead, they found themselves launched into the galaxy. After initially pretending to come in peace, Space King Pig invaded every planet in the sector, claiming a moon tank and a claw as his own. Memories of their former island home gradually faded into legend, until the Angry Birds appeared in space. It is known that Space King Pig used his UFO's grabbing claw to steal eggs which caused the Flock to follow the claw through the wormhole and end up trapped in the world of Space.

  • Small, Medium, and Large Space Minion Pigs - Footsoldiers of Space King Pig
  • Space Corporal Pig - Wears a metal helmet and has a five-second memory.
  • Space Foreman Pig - The right hand pig of Space King Pig. He's the oldest of the Pigs, and oversees all construction. Even though Space Foreman Pig first appeared in levels of Cold cuts, his first appearance as the main antagonist is on the episode Fry Me To The Moon. In Fry Me to the Moon, he appears in all 10 levels. In level 3-10 as he floats along with the Space Egg he captured right next to him. After the events of Fry Me to the Moon, in the newest update of Utopia, Space Foreman Pig also appears in the levels of Utopia.
  • Space King Pig- The space equivalent of King Pig Smooth Cheeks of Piggy Island. Space King Pig has a UFO with grabber claws and appears to be responsible for the Flock getting pulled through the wormhole into Space. It was Space King Pig's idea, while still the King Pig to steal eggs from the Birds in the first place. As Space King Pig, he has some new goals, including stealing the Eggsteroid and continually feeding Big Bork. He first appears as a boss battle in level 1-30 in a UFO Tank and then in Cold Cuts level 2-30 in a UFO Spaceship. Eggsteroid level 7 features Space King Pig's first appearance as a common enemy. Also in Eggsteroids level 7, there is more than 1 Space King Pig.

Fat Pig

Fat Pig
Fat pig
Abilities Eating everything it comes in contact with (as a boss in 4-30)
First Appearance Level 4-10
Gender Male
Species Space Piggy
Locations Many since 4-10 (He appears only one level in Red Planet)
Strength Strong-Extremely Strong
Size Big-Gigantic

Fat Pig combs the Universe looking for cosmic food to continually increase his size. He is massive with spots on him similar to the Incredible Terence. The description of the Fat Pig according to The Daily is: "As ravenous as he is disgusting". The World of Angry Birds Official Gude describes Big Bork as having mysterious origins — even he himself doesn't know where he came from. Even though ancient piggy law back on Piggy Island declares the biggest pig to be king, Big Bork is too stupid to be king, having a brain the size of a malnourished pea. Big Bork is first seen incased in a large planet of ice in Cold Cuts. He then breaks free from the planet and moves to Utopia to satisfy his stomach.

His first appearance in game is in level 4-10 (Utopia) as a regular character. He is smaller than he is in 2-20. Despite his extreme size, he is easily popped. On the Angry Birds Facebook Page, a picture shows that Fat Pig has grown more larger because of it eating more Utopian food. Another thing to note about Fat Pig is that he resembles the original/old designs of the Bad Piggies than the current design.

Boss Strategy

The Fat Pig awaits the player on level 4-30, in which he is enormous and serves as a boss. Like its fellow pigs on Earth, the Fat Pig is also unintelligent, as it eats everything in sight, allowing hazardous objects to easily harm it.

The player must wait until the Fat Pig rotates so that the desired hazards can enter its mouth. The player can either knock asteroids into its mouth, feed it burnt popcorn by hitting the popcorn generators, or even hit the Fat Pig with the Birds themselves. However, only Space Bomb and the Incredible Terence will do any noticeable damage. Continuously feed the Fat Pig some hazards until he pops and coughs up an eggstroid, which cannot be obtained.

In the ending cutscene for Utopia, it was revealed that the Fat Pig had consumed the eggsteroid belonging to Ice Bird. Coughing up the eggsteroid reduced his size to a mere Space Minion Pig with spots.

Alien Pig

Alien Pig
Alien Pig
Abilities Flying in UFO
First Appearance Level 7-30
Gender Male
Species Alien Pig
Locations Cosmic Crystals 7-30
Strength Strong
Size Regular

The Alien Pig is a pig with three eyes, one above his nose. He drives a spaceship and can be seen in Cosmic Crystals Level 30. He ejects crystal planets. A beam of light also sucks up objects.

Boss Strategy

For the Alien Pig, meteorites can be sent in the spaceship's way when the beam of light is ejected. It will be sucked up by the Alien Pig and can damage the ship. Another strategy is to break the crystal planets, in which they can knock into the Alien Pig and damage the ship as well.



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