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Space encounter entance

entrance to the exipit

Space encounter is an exhibit replacing an old entrance to the Kennedy space center


There are 3 games in this exhibit witch has

  • Angry Birds: A physical version of the app
  • Red Planet Laser Challenge: a laser game involving dodging lasers and trying to get out before time runs out
  • danger zone: a mirror maze with special effects and a gift shop

Digital Activities

there are 3 digital activities in this exhibit witch are...

  •  Cold Cuts Slide Puzzle: witch is a slide puzzle involving 3 levels easy, medium, hard
  • Make an angry bird: which you can make your own angry bird
  • Game zone: which is playing the angry birds space game 

​danger zone gift shop

inside the danger zone mirror maze there is a gift shop where you can buy angry birds merchandise including exclusive danger zone t-shirts

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