Special tournaments in Angry Birds Friends happen ever once in a while. They all have different themes, like video games or Angry Birds 2.

Video Game Tournament

Ran From:

Features: Video game themed levels.

This tournament featured levels themed with different video games, including Tetris.

Angry Birds 2 Tournament

Ran From:

Features: Silver cards, golden ducks, Chef Pig

This tournament marks the world wide release of Angry Birds 2.

Pirate Tournament

Ran From:

Features: Kraken Pig

Revenge of Cyporkador

Ran From:

Features: Unlimited Wingman(Tournament only), Cyporkador

Halloween Tournament(2015)

Ran From:

Features: Werepigs, Moon Orbs

This event celebrates Halloween 2015. Like previous Halloween tournaments, it has special pigs exclusive to that tournament. This tournament features Werepigs, which are a stronger version of minion pigs. When you hit a glass orb containing a model of the moon, the clouds part, showing the moon, and causing all pigs to turn into werepigs.

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