Angry Birds Star Wars is the third Angry Birds game to have typical video game boss levels, the first being Angry Birds Rio and the second is Angry Birds Space. Every final level of episodes is a boss fight.
Angry Birds Star Wars - Boss Music Theme

Angry Birds Star Wars - Boss Music Theme

Differences between Star Wars boss with Rio/Space Boss

  • In Angry Birds Rio, the bosses only appear every 2 episodes (except Smuggler's Plane and Market Mayhem).
  • In Angry Birds Space, the bosses appear in all final level of the episode.
  • But in Angry Birds Star Wars, all bosses levels has minor bosses that you have to clear the minor bosses too.
  • Every story episodes (except Tatooine and Moon of Endor) have 2 boss levels per episode.

First Boss Level

  • Episode: Tatooine
    TIE Fighter
  • Level: 1-40
  • Boss: TIE Fighter Pig (TIE Fighter)
  • Attacks: Shoots a laser from one of the wings.
  • Minor Bosses: Storm pig x6
  • Note: TIE Fighters reappear as regular enemies.

Second Boss Level

  • Episode: Death Star
    Darth pig
  • Level: 2-25
  • Boss: Darth Vader (Darth pig)
  • Attacks :Holds several blocks and a pig up.
  • Minor Bosses: Storm pig x6 DEATHSTARTROOPER x2

Third Boss Level

  • Episode:Death Star
    TIE Advanced x1
  • Level: 2-40
  • Boss: TIE Advanced x1 (TIE Advanced x1)
  • Attacks: Flies around.
  • Minor Bosses: IMPERIALOFFICERPIG x1 GRAND MOFF x1 TIE Fighter x5

Fourth Boss Level

  • Episode: Hoth Text
  • Level 3-20
  • Boss: Star Destroyer Ship and Grand Moff Tarkin (GRAND MOFF)
  • Attacks: Shoots lasers out of turrets.

Fifth Boss Level

  • Episode: Hoth Text
    Fat Mynock pig
  • Level: 3-40
  • Boss: Fat Mynock Pig (Fat Mynock Pig)
  • Attacks: Flies around.
  • Minor Bosses: Mynock Pig x13

Sixth Boss Level

  • Episode: Cloud City
    Darth pig
  • Level: 4-20
  • Attacks: Holds several blocks.
  • Boss: Darth Vader (Darth pig)

Seventh Boss Level

  • Episode: Cloud City
    Darth Vader
  • Level: 4-40
  • Boss: Darth Vader with Lightsaber (Darth Vader)
  • Attacks: Destroys blocks with lightsaber, also jumps on empty platforms.

Eighth Boss Level

  • Episode: Moon of Endor
    The Shield Bunker
  • Level: 5-30
  • Boss: Endor Shield Generator Bunker Back Door with DEATHSTARTROOPER x4
  • Attacks: It opens the gate from time to time.
  • Minor Bosses: Maximilian Veers transparent x3

Ninth Boss level

  • Episode: Death Star 2
    SD Revenge
  • Level: 6-15
  • Boss: Star Destroyer Ship and Grand Moff Tarkin (GRAND MOFF)
  • Attacks: Shoots lasers out of turrets.
  • Minor Boss: Storm pig x9 TIE Fighter x2 DEATHSTARTROOPER x1 IMPERIALOFFICERPIG x1

Tenth Boss Level

  • Episode: Death Star 2
    Darth sidious copy
  • Level: 6-30
  • Boss: Emperor Palpatine (Emperor front copy)
  • Attacks: Deflect items with his Lightning Force
  • Minor Boss: Darth pig
  • Note: After destroying Palpatine's Shield, you can shoot infinite Darth Vader pig until the Emperor defeated, This is the only boss that worth 10,000 points after defeated


  • Imperial March (also known as Darth Vader Theme) will be played only in last level of every story episode. (except Tatooine)
  • Every levels since 6-26 have Darth Vader in the game.