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Stella Image Gallery
For the Angry Birds Star Wars version, see Princess Leia entry in: Star Wars Characters.
For the Angry Birds Star Wars II version, see Padmé Amidala entry in: Star Wars II Characters.
Stella front copy
Abilities Trapping objects in Bubbles (Original Series)
Speeding up when screen is tapped/Rebounding off walls (Angry Birds Stella)
First Appearance Back to School Level 1-1
Gender Female
Species Galah
Locations Many Since Back to School
Strength Weak-Very weak
Size Medium-Small

Stella, the Pink Bird is a bird that first appears in the Angry Birds Seasons episode Back to School, released on August 16. She is the second to be a playable female, after the White Bird (third if one counts Jewel from Angry Birds Rio), and the first new playable bird to be female that wasn't part of the original Flock.


Personal Data

  • Name: Stella
  • Known Aliases: Pink Bird, Bubble Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock


ABRio2 Sprites (Stella 1) As Stella likes to blows bubbles, she may be a young member of The Flock. She shows signs of being childish, but also very cunning, as she quickly thwarts the pigs' plans before they can launch them[1]. She gets enraged easily, but is very happy when not. It was revealed in the Angry Birds Hatching a Universe and other media that she is a teenager. She is stubborn and unruly, and hates being told what to do.


Main article: Angry Birds Seasons

Stella first made her debut in Angry Birds Seasons' Back to School. She then joins the rest of the Flock to assist them in preventing the pigs from once again stealing the eggs. She later helps them recover the eggs in Haunted Hogs and Winter Wonderham.


Stella is physically weak against all material, as 3 Pink Birds cannot shatter a single Wood block when shot consecutively.


Original Series

Like the Black Bird, the Orange Bird, and the Ice Bird, Stella's ability is activated when the screen is tapped, or after a couple of seconds after striking an object. When activated, Stella will surround herself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds. Any blocks or pigs within the bubble's range will trapped in either pink, green, or blue bubbles. All of the bubbles will then rise towards the sky. After a few seconds, the bubbles will pop, sending everything that was caught crashing down. The bubbles cannot protect any blocks or pigs they capture.

However, the bubble has a small range. The bubble also cannot lift blocks that are secured in a structure, and thus, Stella will not be effective against heavily fortified structures. The bubble also cannot enclose and trap items.




For her gallery, see Pink Bird/Image Gallery.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Original Series

Pink Bird has less power than the Red Bird, aside when using her ability. She cannot destroy neither glass, wood, or stone without flinging her several times. Although she will damage glass, she is not good against any three unless her ability is used. Her bubbles can easily lift objects unless they are under several heavy bricks, like wood or stone. If that occurs, then most likely nothing will change in the level.



  • In the trailer, Stella is shown to use a bubble wand to produce the bubbles, however this wand is nowhere in the game itself.
  • In the Angry Birds Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed Stella went through many changes in development, she was once considered having a blue color. She is also resembled to many anime and the Powerpuff Girls, as said in the book.
  • Stella's plush also reveals she once was a much more temperate shade of pink, while currently she is a light shade of pink.
  • Stella is the first bird to be confirmed female at her release. Although Matilda is female, she was never actually confirmed to be when the game was released.
  • Stella has the most sprite changes/costumes. Her prototype plush shows a rather different sprite (see image gallery). Her sprite in Angry Birds Seasons was different from the prototype. Afterwards, in her release in Angry Birds Original she had a few minor adjustments. In Angry Birds Rio, her sprite was exclusively changed just for the "Rio 2" segment. In Angry Birds Stella, her sprite was changed to a much more cartoon-ish look. In Stella Toons her sprite is different from her actual Angry Birds Animation style. Lastly, there are more than 9 different designs for her in the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book.



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