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All Birds have their own strengths and weaknesses with their ability to cut through materials. Here is a list of all the birds with their strength and weakness materials.


Strength: Red has average strength on all materials and can shatter one piece of glass or wood without problem.

Weakness: They become weaker as the player discovers the structures, and they become more complex. It is weak against stone and can only break it if the stone block is almost destroyed.

The Blues

Strength: They ironically have a great strength against glass, as they can shatter a max of three thick walls of it (with an individual bird).

Weakness: The Blues are the weakest of the birds and is useless against many structures. They don't cause a lot of damage to wood, and they are useless against stone, unless if they are used to topple it over so it capsizes a weaker structure.


Strength: Chuck is similar in strength than the Red, but his speed boost maximizes his strength making him at least the same strength as Hal. He can shatter up to five walls of wood (three if not sped up).

Weakness: Yellow Bird is not as effective against square blocks. They don't cause a lot of damage to stone (even if sped up) and it would take three (two if sped up) birds to shatter a block of stone. He can also destroy glass, but his speed and strength will horribly decrease.


Strength: Bomb is one of the strongest birds when he faces stone, as he can shatter a max of four blocks before blowing up. When he blows up, the explosion can destroy almost every material in a small blast radius. Any material hit by the larger forcing radius surrounding the blast radius will be pushed and damaged. He is average on other materials.

Weakness: Bomb's ability is timed, making it harder for the player to get it in the right place for maximum destruction. He's also weak against snow, clouds and sand, despite they're the weakest materials on the game, as they slowly stop Bomb's movement. The more snow/cloud/sand blocks shattered, the more Bomb is stopped.


Strength: The eggs she deploys deal great damage to glass and wood and medium damage to stone. The Bird itself when corpsed after launching the egg can cause additional damage to structures.

Weakness: Although the eggs deal good damage, they suffer a small blast radius. Also, the bird itself before launching the egg deals poor (but not Blues-poor as it can break 1 block of wood) damage.


Strength: Hal has slightly more strength than the Red. He is excellent against wood and glass. He also flies farther than the rest of the birds.

Weakness: He deals minimal damage to stone. Also, making its arc is a little hard, lasting too much to make the bird turn, will make the green-feathered bird to crash into the ground and becoming a corpse. In Piglantis, his ability is useless when used underwater.


Strength: He is strong against any material. He will almost always destroy if not the whole structure, then a large portion of it.

Weakness: His large size prevents him from going into small spaces or avoiding obstacles. He also flies a shorter distance due to his weight. And he is weaker the further the distance you aim with him (sometimes a piece of wooden block is enough to stop him and turn him into a corpse in a long shot)


Strength: Bubbles has medium strength against everything head-on but is especially good with wood, but he is most lethal when blown up. When blown up, he doesn't do much damage unless he is in a cramped area. He can push and damage any material He hits when he inflates.

Weakness: He sometimes merely pushes material rather than damaging them, and he cannot destroy snow when blown up.


Strength: She is useful for attacking pigs from above due to her blowing bubble ability. She also can damage the material when disintegrating and dropping back the material. Pink Bird also does great job clearing the path for all birds.

Weakness: Pink Bird is weak in physical strength against all materials; especially stone. She can't do much damage to stone, wood, and even glass. The bubbles also can't leave much higher (the heavier the object AKA stone, the bubbles can't carry them as high as glass or wood).

Jewel (connected to Blu)

Strength: Does great damage to wood, her strength is same as the Yellow Bird as she does great damage to wood. She and Blu also can damage glass.

Weakness: She is maybe powerful against wood and glass, but she and Blu are not great against stone and only can break one block of stone. Also, if you fling them high and you want to damage a lower structure, she will fly straight when you tap the screen and misses the lower structure.


Strength: He does great damage to wood and glass, even destroy it when he was shaking himself.

Weakness: The only structure he can't face is stone. He only deals minimal damage with it, and sometimes he merely pushes stones rather than damaging it.

Ice Bird

Strength: Turns all blocks to ice. Also can detonate TNT by freezing. Very useful if the next bird after him is the Blue Bird (because the Ice Bird is more of a support oriented bird rather than damage oriented, and because the blocks are turned to ice and the Blue Birds are strong against this material). He turns into an ice asteroid when his ability is used underwater.

Weakness: Does minimal damage to blocks on its own. Nearly impossible to clear levels on its own.

Mighty Eagle

Strength: Destroys any material on its path.

Weakness: He crashes down and then flies up(making some sort of V), depending on where the sardine can is, sometimes missing small parts of the level, making it challenging to get 100% destruction.


Strength: Summons the Mighty Eagle. Breaks sand and snow well.

Weakness: Does minimal damage to blocks on its own.

Mighty Dragon

Strength: Like the Mighty Eagle, it destroys all Pigs on the stage.

Weakness: It flies in a loop and mostly misses the bulk of material, making it harder to achieve 100% total destruction.

Red Koi Fish

This is same as the Sardines.

Space Eagle

Strength: Similar to the Mighty Eagle, but emerges from a wormhole in lieu of a swooping motion.

Weakness: Does not necessarily clear all pigs.

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